Ishani and Angre appreciate cycling. They race. He requests that she come quicker. She gets down on him. She tumbles down. Vyom comes and welcomes. She says you… what are you doing here. He says I m making characteristic manures, I m intuition to dump the dead collections of individuals who betray me. She asks are you insane. He says no, your significant other is insane, he ought to have thought before deceiving me, I might have slaughtered him, yet you will get pitiful, I m deduction to execute you, I will rebuff your better half, you will bite the dust, he will cry for eternity. She says I m not frightened of you. He alarms her. She says you can’t slaughter me. She yells Angre. Vyom goes.

Angre comes to Ishani and asks what are you doing here. She says Vyom planned to shoot me. Angre blows up. She says he is excessively risky, for what reason did I come here. She leaves with Angre. Riddhima goes to Vansh’s room and saves a rose for him. Vansh comes. She covers up. He gets the kada and requests that Riddhima come out. He chides her. She signs him. He requests that she quit marking. She asks will I talk. He says say. She says you said you would prefer not to listen to me, I got this kada for you. He says I will not have it.

She says I will tell Dadi. He says I will have it. She converses with the child. He stops her. They fall on the bed. Ishq mein marjawan… .plays… . He moves away. He requests that she leave. She says I dozed outside your room, I was in my bed in the first part of the day. He asks so? She says nothing, I was figuring, how could I go to my room, did anybody lift me. He says get out Riddhima.

Vansh goes to meet Riddhima. He lifts her and carries her to his room. Ishq Mein Marjawan… .plays… .