Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 11 February 2021 Written Update

The Episode begins with Riddhima asking how could you say this jabber. He says control your indignation, something happened today, similar to the manner in which Vansh responded, I comprehended that he isn’t keen on turning into a father. She says he is my significant other, you don’t mention to me what he feels, its better if a third individual doesn’t meddle among a couple. He says right, proceed to give this news to Vansh, see his response.

She gestures. He says Vansh is coming here. She says I will reveal to him when the ideal opportunity arrives, its an indication of Vansh and my adoration, its an alternate joy to turn into a father, I m sure he will be cheerful. Vansh asks where were you Riddhima, I was discovering you. Kabir says I was simply proceeding to meet her. Vansh and Riddhima go. Kabir says you won’t be separated from everyone else, I m prepared to turn into a father, if Vansh isn’t prepared, I will consistently remain by you and your kid, I guarantee. Angre says Ishani would not drink the juice. Vansh says I can bear her disturbance yet can’t see her wrecked, she isn’t dealing with herself, how will I respond that she fails to remember her torment and gives such a grin. Kabir says its rose day, for what reason don’t we keep an uncommon rose day party for her, we will advise her that we as a whole love her, Angre, red rose is an image of adoration, you are Ishani’s better half, your affection is the most pixie for her, Vansh our conditions leave something to be desired, you choose about the thought. Vansh thinks.


Kabir goes. Vansh says I don’t care for Kabir, however his thought is acceptable, the gathering ought to be with the end goal that Ishani fails to remember all her distress and torment. Angre says done. Riddhima comes to Vansh and figures I will give the uplifting news to Vansh thusly, he will comprehend the news when he sees this child cup with our espresso cups. Vansh and Riddhima say I have an amazement for you… She believes what’s his shock. He says I thought to outline for you, in the event that its about your satisfaction, at that point I should advise you. He showers petals on her. He says its rose day, I needed to make this day noteworthy for you, when you think about this day, you get a delightful grin all over. She embraces him and says I love you, you are the awesome. He says we host kept a get-together at the pool side for Ishani, topic is red like the shade of affection. She says perhaps the distress gets less.


He gets some information about her amazement. She thinks he is feeling acceptable, I will advise him. She gets the espresso cups. He says shock in the espresso, fascinating, exceptionally intriguing. He says its opportunity to offer drugs to Ishani. He leaves. Kabir says she adores me, she cherishes me not, she cherishes me… He giggles. He envisions Riddhima saying I love you Kabir. He holds her hands and kisses. He says I can hardly imagine how you are remaining before me, I advised you, Vansh would not like to turn into the dad of your kid, I will end up being your youngster’s father, I will give him my name. He eliminates VR ring from her hand. He makes her wear a ring and says I will wed you, I will give my name to that infant. She grins. He embraces her. He says you will get the initially rose from my side today. They dance. His creative mind closes. He says very soon, this fantasy will turn valid, you will acknowledge me soon. Vansh gets down on Riddhima. She comes to him. He says you didn’t prepare. She says I have the astonishment, are you prepared. She shows the content composed on the shirt… ..

we will be mother and father. He gets stunned and asks are you genuine. She says truly, I have done tests twice, I m pregnant. He asks truly. He lifts her. She chuckles. He embraces her and expresses profound gratitude for giving me this joy, I will end up being the world’s best father. She grins. Her fantasy closes. She glances around and giggles. She says thought isn’t awful, regardless of whether Vansh is occupied in the gathering, I can disclose to him that we will become mother and father. Angre requests that Kabir prepare quick. He believes what’s that. He goes to see the pattern. Kabir comes and figures my fact will be known to everybody. He takes a blade to assault Angre.


Vansh gets down on Angre. Angre turns and says Kabir, prepare for the gathering, I was searching for you. Kabir says truly, you go. He drops a flame at the material and consumes the pattern. Vansh comes and asks what’s consuming. Kabir asks what. He says nothing, I was dealing with a task, I think flame fell on it unintentionally. Vansh says it looks recognizable. Kabir says don’t stress Vansh, its not known to you. Vansh requests that Angre get Ishani in the gathering.

They leave. Kabir sees the remains. He says I will not allow anything to happen to genuine Riddhima, she will be in my arms soon. Angre carries Ishani to the gathering. She says its so dull here, you said we are going out for supper. She gets amazed seeing everybody. Angre says upbeat rose day Ishani. Everybody wishes her. She expresses gratitude toward them.



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