Next we will see that Riddhima is saying that mother has done all this, she has added poison to your food, but the stage gets very angry and throws away the breakfast plate and then tells Riddhima too much. Is and says how dare you speak so much about my mother and speaks to the mind and then there voice’s mother comes and she says look at this doctor’s report has come and The food that came from outside was mixed with some chemical that made you even conscious and then Anupriya says, “Let’s leave Ridhima forgive. She doubted me no matter what and she would be good in front of the dynasty.” She pretends and then goes out to buy the other side there and then she comes to Dadi and Anupriya and then says that Manch has not eaten, then Anupriya goes to feed her, after that Riddhima goes to Anupriya’s room. Is there and starts searching for the box which has evidence of Kabir and Anupriya’s mother being son and she starts searching for that box She is but she does not get anywhere. Finally she starts going out of the room but she gives that there are hand marks on the wall and after that when she puts her hand in the wall, she comes to know that behind this wall there is a There is a hole in which she hid the box and after that she unloads the wallpaper on the wall and gives it down that he has read the book and she takes the box from there and at the same time Anupriya comes to her room but Ridhima someone She hides from there and then comes out of that room, Anupriya is looking for her where Riddhima has gone and she sees that the box is not there too, she is very scared.

And starts searching your mind in the whole house but cannot find it, then we see G. Ridhima starts taking that box to her room, then the descent comes there and he says that you come with me to the room, then Edima She says that I have to keep this book hidden until I find out about the secret hidden inside it and then this is where the episode ends.