Next you will see that a man has burnt vansh’s dead body and then we see that the man has removed his purse from vansh’s pocket which has his ID proof and ATM card. Then we see that the man is very happy because he says that I have got the lottery. And then that man dies.

And extracts the entire details of vansh, after that we see that he comes to know everything that vanish has property worth 5000 crores. That’s why Vanish gets ill on his property and is thinking about making his place in his house. Then we see that the man removes from the photo of all the family members of the voice.

And after that we will see that the man is thinking that I will become a vanish and go to VR Mansion and rule there. On the other side we see that Anupriya takes off clothes of Kabir’s childhood. Then we see that Kabira goes over there and he asks whom are these clothes, then Anupriya says that it is my son’s clothes, do not touch it.

But Kabir and Anupriya have already made a plan in which she will deliberately say this and after that Kabir will tell her that these clothes are mine, he is doing this because everyone knows that Anupriya’s son ever Is and that people allow him to be in vr ment.

Similarly, we see that when Kabir says that these clothes belong to me, all the people are shocked and Anupriya says that it means you are my son. And then she deliberately starts pretending where you were for so many years.