Today we will see that Preeti Ma somehow saves Ragini from Kabir but when she starts mentioning the name of that murderer. Kabir shoots the person who has murdered the mother of vansh. And then Ragani dies there and she does not know that name.

Then we see that Kabir also injures his mind and makes him worse and she somehow reaches vr ment. And after that vansh grabs Ridhima and asks her who did this to you, Ridhima starts telling and at the same time Ridhima faints,

then there is Anupriya who runs the recording in which Ridhima is this Conviction is that I came to this house only to spy on the dynasty. And he hears all this voice and he starts thinking of Ridhima as a criminal.

Then we see that Kabir also comes there and he brings the police along. And he has the proof of Ragini’s master in which vanish stands gun on Ragini, and then we see that Kabir arrests and takes him. And then says that vanish won you and me