The scene begins with Vansh conversing with somebody and says Kabir is crazy now however he can deal with Kabir simply like he took care of this capacity. Vansh says he satisfied his guarantee and nobody became more acquainted with that the couple who was killed that day was Riddhima’s folks for sure.

No one became more acquainted with that it was not Vansh who did the mishap that day but rather the individual whom he is conversing with. Ishani is appeared. Ishani is the genuine enemy of Ridhhima’s folks.

Ishani says on the off chance that she is upbeat today it is simply because of Vansh, nobody became acquainted with that it was Ishani who killed Riddhima’s folks. She says you ensured me and guaranteed nobody will actually become acquainted with this, and you are as yet fullfilling this guarantee. The two of them embrace.

Ishani asks Vansh for what good reason did he took Kabir’s dad’s name.

A flashback is indicated where it was Vansh who was tuning in to Kabir and his plannings.

Vansh says he realized it was Kabir who prompted for the current year old story of mishap, so he chose to do this. Vansh says he saved his family, love, marriage everything.

Kabir is demonstrated exceptionally furious and says Vansh your end is close, in light of you I lost everything, my folks, my mother, my youth. Kabir says now it is his chance to remove everything from Vansh. Kabir consumes Vansh’s photograph in an emblematic fire and says soon he will make this work out as expected.

Vansh is found in a quandary and says to Angre that he realizes he didn’t do directly with Ridhhima yet he adores both Ridhhima and Ishani similarly, so he needed to keep this fact inside him until the end of time. Vansh says he has taken his competition to a next level with Kabir subsequent to referencing his dad’s name and now Kabir will effectively hurt my family. Vansh says we must be extremely cautious at this point. Angre says not to stress and will watch out for Kabir.

As they are going to go Ridhimma’s photograph tumbles down and breaks. Vansh is stressed and requests Angre over the whereabouts from Riddhima.

Angre also says he didn’t see her. Vansh goes to discover her as he isn’t getting a pleasant inclination and goes to discover her.

Ridhhima is demonstrated breaking the jugs infront of bappa and says this is the discipline she merits for questioning her affection. She ponders constantly Vansh has been with him and suported her regardless. Ridhhima cries and strolls over the glass jugs and says she merits this discipline. She strolls over the glass bottles with blood everywhere on her feets. She ponders the amount she has hurted Vansh by accusing him. Siya and dadi comes and asks what is this. Ridhhima says consider this as my mannat and let me complete this.

Vansh comes and asks her what is this?

Riddhima says this is her discipline for questioning you and this is the discipline she merits. In the event that he cherishes her, at that point he won’t stop her.

Vansh says you gave me your swear, he can’t stop her yet can join her. He says you are my significant other and everything goes equivalent in a marriage. He also strolls on the glass. Ridhhima attempts to stop her and tumbles down, Vansh saves her. Riddhima falls oblivious. Vansh takes her to the room. While talking her Kabir comes and says there was a period he also took Ridhhimaa like this in her arms, we too had a past about which you don’t have the foggiest idea. Vansh says he needs to treat his significant other now and don’t have the opportunity to address his waste inquiries.

Vansh eliminates the glass from Riddhima’s feet. Ridhhima acquires cognizant. She attempts to awaken. Vansh asks is it tormenting excessively? Ridhhima says for what reason are you doing this, Vansh says I am your better half who else will do this. Vansh inquires as to for what reason did you do this?

Ridhima says this was a discipline to question her better half, she cries and says sorry. Riddhima says you generally disregarded all my slip-up however she is definitely not a decent spouse for him, she has hurted him a great deal. Vansh gets enthusiastic and kisses her on the cheeks.

Vansh says whatever be the explanation he can’t see her in torment. He advises her to grin now. The two of them embrace. Vansh does her dressing. Ishq me marjawan plays. Read More……..