Today we will see that Riddhima is sitting in front of the mirror and she is thinking about what Manish has done for me, how many times I have saved my life and in the meantime thinks that I am in love with her and then she thinks Seems like no I have come to Solve Ragini Kyaa here, I should not divert my attention and her Bal Manch makes a plan to make Ridhima away from you, that’s why he makes 11 mehndi caustic and in which his husband When the name is written on Riddhima, when she puts her hand on it, then Kabir’s name is written on it and the mehndi of Kabir’s name is put on her hand, seeing that Riddhima gets very scared. And thinks who knows about our two.

Ishq Mein marjawa 2 27 September 2020 Written Update

After that she goes to the bathroom and tries to erase the mehndi on her hand there but she is very firm so there is a lot of difficulty in erasing, after that Manish comes to the bathroom and knocks the door but no one The team does not speak from there, the team is washing their hands, after that, when I open the door, I hide my hand because Kabir’s name is written on it and after that I say that I came in my hand in 5 minutes. Mehndi has a chemical effect, that’s why I am allergic and I am washing my hands right now, the stage says okay, after that Riddhima comes down after erasing Kabir’s name from her hand and then never again The trick moves and the balloon and some photos fall from above as Kubir used to gift to Ridhima, he repeats exactly the same way and so that Ridhima remembers Kabir’s love and does not love the dynasty.

Riddhima then gets scared that these photos will belong to me and Kabir and she starts taking all the photos and is stunned in a panic and asks what are you doing, she says that I am picking from the photo I thought Don’t go under the couch, that’s why the meat again says that it is a photo of my sister who has some memories of childhood and seeing this, Ridhima gets a little happy that it is mine and never had photos of her standing there. Kabir is smiling and thinking that Ridhima should have such fear.

After that Kabir says that now watching this is a trailer, I will do a lot with him, my Riddhima will absolutely forget the dynasty.