Today we will see that the clan is scolding Aryan and after that the clan of the clan tells him that the clan is still the responsibility of protecting the whole family and you should never retreat from him and after that the clan says that I will never I will not back down from my responsibility and after that everyone goes away and then his grandmother explains that I know that you will never step back from your responsibility but first thing was when you were single but now it is happening We have been married and have joined our mind as well, that’s why you should give him time too, tell him about your feeling and give him more love.

So he says that I do not love anyone. His grandmother says that I know I have looked into your eyes and I know everything that you love or not. After this, his grandmother explains that you should take Ridhima in your heart. I have to give place and then go away from her grandmother, then the stage thinks that I will have to keep Ridhima away from me because if she stays with me then she will remain unhappy and that is why I have to stay away from her and control my feeling Kabir is listening to all these things and Kabir goes on saying that he will not be able to fall in love with Ridhima, some new trick has to be done, so the offspring moves another new trick and brings turmeric to the grind and tells grandmother. That this girl’s sister-in-law will also grind it and she is grinding turmeric, where the descent goes and he helps her.

While helping, Riddhima gets turmeric on her eye and she and the clan start cleaning her, only when the voice of the clan’s sister comes, she is not wearing clothes and the stage starts going there, Ridhima says to explain me with love because The work that is done with love is not with anger and I say that I know how to explain it to me and it goes from there, it keeps falling down on the other side and Kabir says that I have got my new trick Asked what you are going to do now, he says that I will kidnap Riddima now and then he too comes out to kidnap Riddama with the same medicine and Riddhima on the other side collides with a wall and down A bag is lying in that bag and that bag is closed, after that a waiter comes and goes with that bag, there is Ridhima in that bag, Kabir is waiting there on the other side too. That he should come quickly and kidnap him, but I am locked in a bag and Ridhima faints.