Today we will see that Ishani is running away from the house and stops her on the mind because she wanted to see Teddy well and at the same time the descent comes there and she comes to know that Ishani is hidden in this teddy itself. Is and he comes to Teddy and says that Ishani you get out of Teddy. At the same time, Ishani walks out of the teddy and then the clan scolds Aryan and says that you should be ashamed that you are helping your sister drive her out of the house. You do not care about the honor of the house and then grandma Aryan gets a slap and says that get away from my eyes if there is no wedding atmosphere today, then you will be thrown out of the house and then Aryan leaves from there, then Ishani is prepared and brought to the pavilion and there On the other hand, Vansh and Riddhima are talking among themselves and 1 thank Mr. Brain that I have saved my house due to you today and then he asks Ridma that you too tell me why you have been troubled for so many days. So, she starts telling about her past, at the same time, gets Manju to shut her up and says that I will not be happy to be near you, I want only what I have today, what will I do knowing you, Riddhima She becomes very happy.

The pundit calls the girl’s parents for the rounds, but her grandmother says that she does not have any father, so her brother will donate it and then there will be descent and riddhima for the bridegroom, but if I had not, I would have worn Mangalasutra and neither Had the vermilion applied, the pundit stops him and says that you have not worn any suhag sign and at the same time the dynasty comes wearing mangalsutra and also puts vermilion on his forehead and all this Kabir is watching from above and Thinking that all my friends have failed, Riddhima has forgotten everything and then goes to her room and thinks that I have to play my biggest trick right now and this is where the episode takes place. is.