Today we will see that there is a lot of news about Redima and the stage is asking her why are you worrying so much what has happened to you, then Eid tells her that nothing happened to me after that I will be ready in my room She goes away and the dynasty also comes ready and then Devraj Singh Rathore brings a gift which contains a big teddy which Teddy Kabir gave to Riddhima on his birthday, the same teddy he has brought here on Kanchi She could make Ray’s mind realize that she was in love with Kabir earlier and who is just now in love with the dynasty, and that Kabir brought Ridhi’s memory by bringing that teddy to forget the dynasty.

And then she gets so nervous and she remembers everything. Dynasty then asks what has happened to you so she goes to the bathroom without answering anything and there she thinks what is happening to me. Nobody really knows that about me and Kabir. And there on the other side is preparing to drive the sister of the Aryan dynasty out of the house and puts Ishani in that tally and takes her to take her out of there.

And there Riddhima comes and she wants to confirm that this is what she gave me, so look at her carefully and there she is doubting that she goes and says that there are going to be rounds and you are there Go and Riddhima gets very upset and this is where the episode ends.