She then brings sweets to the clan and tells him that it is for you. Then she starts feeding him sweets and takes Ragini’s name while she is in the middle but Manch gets very angry and says that When you keep on ragni, it is making our relationship very bad. When a third person starts coming in between a husband and wife, then that relationship can never be successful, hence this name is not going to be known from your mind. And saying this, the clan goes out of the room and Riddhima also becomes unhappy.

Next you will see that the dynasty in the house is celebrating the anniversary of Riddhima. Then Riddhima thinks that if Ragini is dead then why are they annihilating her. After that we see that the dynasty says that if we want to escape our relationship, first we have to close the chapter of Ragini. Then we see that from the hands of the offspring Ridhima, there is an idol of Ragini, she breaks it.