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Next we see that Riddhima Vanshika is using the laptop, she is watching the video in the chip and she puts Chipko in the laptop and started watching, after that Ishani comes out of her room and she asks that you brother’s laptop what are you doing. Tori brain opens the rangoli designs quickly and says that I am looking at the designs of the rangoli, then we see that Ishani takes away the laptop from Ridhima and has the same chip in it, if there is evidence of Ragni’s murder She takes Ishani’s laptop to her room and goes silent with it.

After that Riddma says that I will have to bring that chip from there or else there will be a huge disaster, then she goes to Sahni’s room where Grandma is talking to Ishani and Riddhima slowly removes the chip from the laptop. She comes and then we see that Sunny comes to know that Riddhima is definitely looking for something, so in the laptop she sees what didi mother was looking for, then she realizes that she had a device which Disconnected from laptop.

And then we see that Ridhima is standing in front of Mata Rani and at the same time I am thinking where to put this chip and says that I will have to keep this chip until I know the real truth. Goes because the evidence of innocence of the stage is hidden in it, then she ties it to the pallu of her chunri and leaves from there.

Then preparations are being made for the puja and grandmother asks that bring the kheer which was prepared for the enjoyment. You have Riddhima, she brings it back and grandmother says that this kheer is absolutely spoiled. And then Chanchal says that for the first time Riddhima has been given such a big responsibility and she too could not handle it and says that Riddhiman has done a lot of vengeance and then Chanchal says that it should be punished now. Then grandma says that punishment should be given, but Riddhima should not be fickle, you should be punished because you spoiled her pudding when you were adding lemon to her pudding, then I saw that I did not stop you because I If you wanted to be punished in front of everyone, then get ready for your punishment now.

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And grandma says that your punishment is that you have to do the work of decorating the whole house for garba now, then she says that it is a work of servants, then grandma says that if you do not do this then you should tie your common dam and maiden Go away forever Chanchal again says that it is good to stay silent and I will have to do all the work now. Then we see that Anupriya tells Chanchal that if I want to take revenge on my Riddhima, then you will have to support me and this will leave Ridhima out of the house too, then Chanchal says that I am ready to do anything just because Take Riddhima out of the house.

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And then they both start making an idea. After that, Grandma lets Ridhima say something which belongs to the mother of the clan and when she is going to Ridhima with jewelry, the Banda memory card falls down in her pallu. And from the other side, Aryan is coming, he puts his foot on the memory card and sticks the memory card under his boot. Then we see that Dadi is explaining to the dynasty what is going on between you two. So the dynasty tells that Riddhima has no faith in me at all, after that Grandma explains to her that it is our job to win trust, so as there are two aspects of a strong, love is also from both sides and trust. Even if it happens from both sides, the dynasty has thought that I will have to take the initiative to win her trust. And I ask Dadi what I have to do, then Dadi tells her that you give your mother’s dress to Ridhima. And the clan also thinks that now I will open my whole life in front of the statue at night and all my secrets will be given to her.

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