Next we see that the clan has come to know about Kabir that he is Inspector Kabir and he has entered our house by changing the disguise of Badrinath. Then we see that the dynasty points a gun at Kabir’s head and says that you will get his punishment. After that, he sometimes turns back and says that I know all about Ragini, Rohit gets shocked after hearing this and the stage again says that you don’t know anything about him. Then Kabir smiles and says that you have murdered Ragini, I will definitely gather evidence about it.

Then Vansh says that you try as you wish, but you will not be able to find out about Ragini’s murder and anything related to it. Next we see that Manch starts shooting Kabir and after that we see that Riddhima comes in the middle and stops him and says that he has broken the law and has come into our house and spied but the dynasty Why do you want to shoot it and go to jail? Speaking like this, Riddhima saves Kabir from the dynasty.

Ishq mein marjawan 2 16 October 2020 Written Updates

After that, Kabir says that whatever you wish, but I will keep searching in the morning and then Kabir starts leaving from there, at the same time, the platform calls the commissioner and says that my suspicion came out right, who came to my house as a sister. He is Inspector Kabir only. Then the commissioner talks to Kabir and tells him that you will be punished for this act and you are suspended from your job. Then Kabir smiles and says that it is good that no law can be stopped right now because earlier my hands were made, but now I can do whatever I want publicly and saying that he goes from there.

After that, the clan tells all the family that tonight I have called a guest at dinner, named Sejal and a big secret is going to open at that time, so all the people get ready and they get very upset after hearing this.