Next we will see that Riddhima has hidden that box in her room and after that the clan tells her that you did not have to accuse my mother and it does not happen that all is wrong and stop doubting everyone and by saying this the descendant Riddhima goes out of the room after that Riddhima thinks that this box from my room can steal Anupriya ji, so I have to pay this box somewhere else and she takes that box and goes to grandma’s room and there that box She hides but after that Daadi comes and she sees him but Daadi does not know that Ridhima has come to hide the box there.

Then we see that Grandma tells Ridhima that I know what you have come here to do, Ridhima is scared that Grandma has seen me hiding the box. But Grandma tells her that I know that you have come to lighten your grief because the dynasty has called you very good and that is why you have come to me to lighten your mind. Riddhima thinks that thankfully Daadi finds out nothing and she goes to her room after that Riddhima goes to sleep in her room and then it is morning when she shows that the stage is not with her then she says that lineage If he does not come home all night, where will he be? After that Aryan comes to Ridhima’s room and gives a gift to her and says that it is sent by your husband and she asks him where he is then he answers. If you don’t know that you are his wife, then how would I know then we see that Aryan leaves from there and when she opens the gift, there is a letter in it, it is written in the letter that I hope you will like this gift and I have sent this gift because I probably said too much yesterday and I am going out for a few days and this gift will keep you connected with me. Riddhima opens the gift and see that there is a mobile in it and when she turns on the mobile, a message comes in that if you like the gift, then the brain responds that yes I like the gift very much, then she has a friend She calls up and talks to him too.

After that Riddhima calls Kabir and tells him that nothing is right here, we are considering the dynasty as the killer of Ragini’s murder, but I don’t really think that because I have seen Anupriya ji one of the young children. With this and I have also found the proof of this, Kabir gets very upset on hearing this and he says that you should keep your focus on what we are looking for peace against the dynasty, do not waste time in school like this

Then we see Giri tell me with a mind that I hid it in Baghdadi’s room, but from there his sister-in-law has hidden that box and now I have to wait for her gold and then take that box to my room Kabir gets very angry after hearing all this and has to know the truth and hits his phone with the wall and thinks what I have to do next