Next you will see that Ragini comes to Kabir with the help of Ridima. But the purpose of the dynasty was not for Ragini to die, but to know the truth from her which happened three years ago, and all that was done by Kush Kabir and his mother Anupriya.

And they both kidnap Ragini with the help of Riddhima to escape the dynasty. Riddhima feels that I have saved Ragini, but it is not that because the dynasty wanted to know the truth from Ragini, and with whose help He could go to the real gungar. But Ridhima spread all her plan.

Who murdered my mother and that grave was also for her, but today I feel that I am the rightful owner of this news because I could not fulfill my promise to my mother. And I am surprised how I have made such a big mistake, I have made such a huge mistake in understanding the dynasty. On the other hand, Anupriya and Kabir are celebrating that Ragani is in our hand.

And after that we It is seen that Anupriya says that at that time when Ragini was pleading in front of the dynasty and begging for her life, the dynasty did not fire. At that time, I fired at Ragini because Ragini was about to tell our truth and I shot her then but I do not know how she survived. Then she says that if there is still one alive, then Kabir you take good care of it.