Next you will see that Riddhima is looking at Ragini and the clan is feeding her water. After that Riddhima thinks that the clan did not kill Riddhima. After the dynasty comes out he sees who is outside but Riddhima hides somewhere. He is waiting for Kabir my Riddhima from the other side that this Riddhima should bring the evidence quickly and I quickly destroy the dynasty but Riddhima is there.

But we are not going and after that we see that Mental sits in his car and after that Riddhima too slowly sits in the car of the descent car and then we give that sometime tries to call Riddhima But her phone does not work and then she thinks that Riddhima has cheated me and it will be very bad if Riddhima does not have any big excuses why she did not come to meet me then her death is certain and I will kill her very soon After that we see that the dynasty reaches home and Ridhima is locked in Diggi only Diggi is locked Goes and then Aryan and his mother come out to see Ridhima in Diggy, then she opens Diggy, then there was no Ridhima in it.

I have already passed out and I would see them both and say that I had already suspected that this poor work could be done by both of you. After that, the playful Ridhima starts to run the stick again, but Ridhima grabs her and says that if you guys do such an act with me again,

Isha Mein Marjawa S02 Written Updates 26 October 2020: Ragini Alive

I will I will give it to the memory card and tell you what you guys have done to me and then go away saying this and then we see that Aryan says that she cannot threaten us that she stops and says that she is patient I have another plan and then we see that Vanshi is getting ready and the button on her shirt breaks, and Edima tries to button her up but the stage says that I don’t have any need and then Riddhima her She grabs her hand and says that when

I am in trouble, you help me, now you are in trouble, then give me this right too, after that the meat is there He stops and starts putting the button, then the voice thinks that why do I get drawn to you and why I feel so worried about you and why you don’t get angry for a long time