Today we will see that Riddhima has come to give her laptop to vansh and vansh is going out of some work because she has a meeting and then the stage tells her how many times you have told me to relax but why are you out of the room again and again You could go and speak to someone to give me a laptop and you could also call me but you don’t care about yourself.

Then Riddhima says that I am all right after that the stage takes an injection and starts talking. That you have got iron nails due to which you will have to inject the titanus or else there can be any problem, so Riddhima is very scared and says that I will not do the injection and I am absolutely fine. She says that I am being injected Too scared, then we see that Riddhima insists that I am not going to inject and cut the stage that it is okay not to inject and Vansh says that.

I want to talk to you one more, then Riddhima says that both of them Look into each other’s eyes and then the offspring says that I want to tell you I want to say this with a sincere heart to you and he injects Ridhima gently in his words and then says that I will definitely take revenge. You have cheated with me and about him since morning. Then Riddhima goes after a descendant in a laptop, she also cuts me and she watches the entire video.

Ishq Mein marjawan 24 October 2020

In the video, I see that the person who was trying to kill Riddhima in that video was a descendant when Ridhima Puri After watching the video, Dynasty comes back and has the same gun in his hand, is scared and scared in Ready and then he sees Riddhima what he has seen in the laptop, then he sees that the laptop would be closed Hai Riddhima says that I was just going to watch the movie, that’s why I picked up the laptop, then we see that Riddhima thinks that Vansh can never kill Ragini and maybe that video is halfway up Vansh is just scaring that girl.

No one else has done the murder, then we see that both of them go to their room and fall asleep after that Aryan gets a knife there Comes and starts to attack in the hike, then his mother Agile catches him and pulls him out and tells him that you are crazy who is killing him in front of Manish because the offspring sleep with Riddhima It seems then, that Chanchal says that we have to come up with an idea so that Ridhima can be told from this house forever and she thinks that we will have to fight for dynasty and Ridhima and then.

we see if it happens in the morning Chanchal and Aryan place a poster in the stage room saying that I know what happened at the time of Ragini’s murder, then he reads the lineage. It seems that Ridhima has put up the poster and the deaf mind Riddhima calls on there and starts falling over there, the stage catches her and asks Anshu about it, what is this madness, why did you write this, Riddhima says that I have not written this