Riddhima says you can’t change the past. Sara says you can’t change the future. Riddhima asks what shall I do that you leave Vansh. Sara asks can you return my loved ones, get out now. Riddhima says I can help you in healing the wounds. Sara says you can’t help yourself, what will you help me, get out. Riddhima says just 2 mins, listen to me, I can give you a life like mine, I can give you a better deal, much money, new house, new identity, police and enemies can’t reach you, you can think about your future, you can forget your pain. Sara says wow, you are trying to bribe me. Riddhima says I can keep my promise. Sara says fine, if you try to double cross me, then I won’t leave Vansh, you and your baby. Riddhima says I won’t. Sara says fine, deal done, get whatever you told me in 48 hours.

Riddhima says I need more time. Sara says I don’t have time, leave now. Angre says I saw Riddhima leaving and called you. Vansh says we have to be alert, maybe that shooter is in front of us and we are not able to identify. Sara sees Vansh and hides fromhim. She sees Aryan and goes to him. She says sorry, I couldn’t tell you, I like you. He asks really. She says yes. They have a talk. She asks him to kiss her. He says you are very fast, I can’t lose this beautiful chance. She says come closer to me and kiss me. Vansh leaves. Sara sees him. She runs away. Ishani records Aryan and laughs. He asks where did she go.

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Aryan says you are so funny, you were going to kiss the pillar. He says Gayatri asked me to kiss her. She asks where is she. She shows the video and laughs at Aryan. He says trust me, she was here. She jokes on him. He asks her to stop it, what’s happening. Angre asks did you see Riddhima. Vansh says yes, she went for routine checkup, I came running here after that shooter, I didn’t see her face. He sees the shoe mark.

He says it shows that its a girl’s shoe impression, you find out the hotel guest list. Angre says Augustine checked it, rest are families, a girl has checked in individually. Sara says Vansh would get a clue to reach me, did he know about me, he is very sharp, I have to be careful. Vansh asks for Sara’s room number. Sara says I have to move all the stuff from here. Vansh asks Angre to find out Vyom. Sara sees Vansh in the corridor. She leaves. Vansh says she is the one. He asks her to stop. She says my game will get over. She runs. He runs after her. He hears a gun shot. He stops and turns to read more….