Aparna discloses to Imlie they will continue to reach her. Imlie thinks when Aditya is supporting her his family is attempting to get freed off her. Anu says for what reason are you taking such a lot of time. You have something unique in this house? Imlie concurs. Aditya discloses to Malini that Imlie is making her #1 dish. Malini says she understands what I like. Malini figures she doesn’t have the foggiest idea for what reason is she returning to Tripathi house.

Yet, she must choose between limited options else her folks will be concerned and she will not find her solutions from Aditya also. She is distant from everyone else as opposed to having her friends and family. Aditya and Malini get some information about Imlie. Aditya asks Sundar for what reason Imlie isn’t helping him. Rupali says Tripathis sent Imlie to Malini’s home. Aditya gets stunned.