Malini suffocates after Anu poisons her meals and pleads Anu to name a medical doctor. Anu says the entirety can be fine. Malini collapses. Anu holds her in her lap and says she couldn’t see her demise every day, so she needed to try this; Aditya and servant Imlie have been ruining her existence and she or he will train them a lesson now and now no longer permit Imlie live in Tripathi House. Adi closes home windows seeing heaving rain. Landline rings. Imlie walks in the direction of it. Aparna stops her and says own circle of relatives is right here to choose it. She selections and panics and informs own circle of relatives that Malini attempted to devote suicide once more and is in a sanatorium. Other own circle of relatives individuals get involved. Adi asks them to attend until morning and is going to sanatorium. Imlie walks in the back of him. Aparna stops her and says she snatched the entirety from Malini and desires to seize her existence now.

Malini receives aware after treatment. Doctor scolds her for looking to devote suicide once more. Malini attempts to talk. Anu rushes in and forestalls her. Malini understanding Anu poisoned her asks why did she try this to her. Anu sends medical doctor out and says she delivered her to sanatorium on time. Malini asks what’s she looking to do. Anu says the entirety which Malini couldn’t do by myself; she attempted to devote suicide ultimate time and won not anything as she lied that she loves a person and gave Adi and servant Imlie an open license of infidelity, however this time Adi can be compelled to go back to her. Malini says Adi will in no way go back to her. Adi enters and asks medical doctor approximately Malini’s room. Doctor identifies him as Malini’s husband. Adi says they have got separated. Doctor says he’s the motive for Malini’s try at suicide once more and tongue lashes him. Adi warns him now no longer to allege him with out understanding the precise motive, their divorce is with a mutual consent and a female could have many different motives to take a divorce. Doctor says he can not permit him meet Malini as simplest the folks who take care of Malini can meet her.

Imlie pleads Aparna to permit her meet her sister Malini. Aparna says she is Malini is sautan and her husband’s mistress. Radha says she snatched Malini’s husband and desires to visit sanatorium to undercover agent on Adi and Malini. Pankaj says Imlie considers Malini as her elder sister from earlier than. Harish says a sister doesn’t thieve her sister’s husband and warns Pankaj now no longer to argue with him. Rupali backs Imlie and tongue lashes Tripathi that Imlie had sacrificed her proper for Malini and concealed her and Adi’s dating for long. Radha warns her to close up. Nishant asks Aparna to forestall alleging Imlie and pray for Malini as they don’t recognise why she devoted suicide.

In sanatorium, Malini tells Anu that Adi got here to sanatorium however didn’t come to her room. Anu says he’ll come. Malini says Imlie can also be with him. Anu says for only a few time. Malini asks what does she mean, Imlie is Aditya’s spouse. Anu says this is due to the fact she gave up her proper to Imlie and if she had now no longer permit Tripathi residence, she could had been a Tripathi bahu. Malini says simplest her cope with could have modified and now no longer her fate, she could be in Adi’s residence and now no longer in heart. She says while her choices are firm, she will be able to get returned Adi with; she remains Adi’s spouse and must declare returned her spouse, Adi is captivated with Imlie like boys get captivated with motorcycles and cars. Malini says Adi isn’t always like that. Anu says Adi used to lover her immensely earlier than and nevertheless she will be able to accurate her errors and get returned Adi. Malini says she doesn’t recognise how will that happen. Anu says she has paved her a away and this time she shouldn’t deliver her husband to a servant in charity and notice how Adi will go back to her. She asks if she is prepared to fight.

Adi walks in and asks Malini why did she devote suicide. Malini says due to the fact she were given by myself with out Imlie. Adi asks wherein is Kunal, he must be right here with her. Anu asks if he needs Kunal must take in his responsibility. Adi shouts she has trouble with even Kunal like him. Anu says she has trouble with simplest Adi and now no longer Kunal and she or he didn’t name Kunal for a motive. Adi insists Malini to inform her trouble. Anu says he’s her trouble. He shouts now no longer to intrude and questions Malini once more. Back at T residence, Pallavi tells own circle of relatives that Malini supported Adi and Imlie’s dating because earlier than, then why could she devote suicide due to Imlie. Aparna says it turned into Malini’s greatness. Harish says matters alternate and asks in the event that they noticed Malini’s situation while Adi turned into kidnapped. Aparna says Adi commenced chanting Imlie after bringing her domestic and betrayed Malini. Radha tells Imlie that she desires to kill Malini. Imlie cries that if she thinks so, god must kill her proper away. Rupali shouts at Radha to forestall venting out her anger on Imlie.

Harish says allow us to talk to Adi and discover approximately Malini’s situation. Nishant calls Adi and asks approximately Malini’s situation. Adi asks him to provide telecellsmartphone to Imlie. Malini tells Anu that Adi is inquiring for Malini even now. Anu acts and shouts that she usually takes a incorrect decision. Adi disconnects name. Imlie selections name blabbering babu saheb and receives involved while he disconnects name. Read More…..