Aditya blows up observing Malini seeming as though significantly more than one Imlie does her town cosmetics and attempts to take Malini to parlor. Malini stops him and says she loved the cosmetics. Visitors enter and state Tripathi has a delightful bahu and her cosmetics is great. Malini strolls in grinning. Adi reveals to Imlie that she helps him to remember his slip-up consistently and doesn’t allow him to fail to remember it. Rupali with Nidhi returns and acclaims Malini’s cosmetics. Malini says Imlie did it with normal fixings. Rupali acclaims Imlie while Aditya sits seething. She perks up Adi. Dev with Anu and Daadi strolls in. Malini gets cheerful seeing them. Adi contacts their feet. Malini inquires as to whether she is as yet irate on her. Anu asks how might she be irate on her little girl and seeing cosmetics says its so obsolete, she just detests it. Malini says its conventional. Anu asks what items are utilized. Malini says Imlie utilized some regular conventional items. Imlie says it has sandalwood, mogra, and so forth, and Maika and Sasural’s affection. Anu gets some information about spouse’s affection as she isn’t hitched in any way. Imlie thinks back wedding Adi and says she doesn’t think about spouse’s adoration, the truth of the matter is Malini is looking excellent as a result of Adi’s affection and not due to cosmetics. Daadi acclaims Imlie’s reasoning. Dev thinks Imlie helps him to remember Pagdandiya and Mithi, he saw Mithi during wedding and in the event that she had come to meet Imlie.

Imlie plans snacks in kitchen. Dev strolls to her. Imlie jokes on the off chance that he came to take. He snickers and inquires as to whether she doesn’t recall her family and town. Imlie says she does. He says he saw a couple of individuals from Pagdandiya during wedding. Imlie thinks back offending Mithi and sending her away, thinks bade babu saw dadda and maa, says no one came to meet her. He says he thought he saw somebody from Pagdandiya. Sundar remarks hearing them, however Imlie chides him and sends him away to serve snacks to visitors. Anu strolls in and sends Dev away saying Malini is calling him. She asks Imlie what was he inquiring. She says he was inquiring as to whether she recalls her town. Anu inquires as to whether he didn’t get some information about her family. Imlie says not this time, but rather last time he got some information about her mom and her name. Anu inquires as to whether he didn’t get some information about her dad and his name. Imlie says no. Anu leaves raging.

Rupali and Nidhi brighten Adi and Malini’s room. Malini applauds it. Anu strolls in and remarks that its not done by experts and frenzies seeing a cockroach. Rupali and Nidhi likewise alarm. Adi surges in and attempts to quiet them down and requests that Sundar shoo cockroach away. Malini says its nauseating and calling his chief requests him to send bother control individuals to Tripathi’s home and leaves seething. Nidhi says they need to refurbish room again as a result of one cockroach. Adi jokes not to call his solitary MIL as cockroach. The two of them snicker. Out in lounge, Anu reveals to Malini that she will book her wedding trip suite in a lodging. Malini says she won’t get a dazzling enhancement from family. Daadi says Malini is correct. Aparna guarantees MAlini that she will move Adi and Malini to another room and get their room’s irritation control. Anu remarks that she would have entire house’s vermin control rather than single room.

After some time, family orchestrates sleeping pads for entire family in lounge, allowing an alternate to different for Adi and Malini. Dhruv and Rupal’s kin nok jhok examining they can’t bear Bua’s wheezing. Badi maa says Imlie will rest in her room. Imlie says she will as regular rest in kitchen. She strolls to kitchen and sees Sundar setting bed in her place, battles with him to leave her place. He says he knows her family members from Pagdandiya had come to meet her and she deceived Dev, so he will illuminate everybody about it. Imlie anxiously allows him to rest on her bed and searches spot to rest. She sees a spot outside Adi and Malini’s room and rests on floor covering herself with bedsheet. In room, Adi endowments a wonderful wrap to Malini and says he feared losing her seeing the new occasions. Malini inquires as to whether she adores him to such an extent. He says she is exceptionally valuable to him. She says she went out believing him and she realizes he will never deceive or hurt him or separate from her. He says never and embraces her adage I love you. The two of them separate hearing somebody wheezing, and Adi leaves to check. He sees somebody laying down with bedsheet on and asks who is it and for what valid reason is he/she resting here. Imlie implores god to save her and lifts down cover from her face. Adi blows up observing her.

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