Anand’s men mercilessly torment Adi. Adi inquires as to whether he is fear monger Anand’s ally Jugnu. Another thug hits him requesting him to call Anand bhai with deference. Jugnu says he is Anant’s ally and Adi destroyed numerous individuals’ lives that everybody is behind him, they won’t kill him as his life is essential to them. At Tripathi house, Nishant educates that Adi is abducted by fear monger Anand and no one but government can help now. Aparna cries hearing that. Imlie attempts to call Satyakam dadda. Pankaj stops him and says as of now they are in a difficult situation and she need sto call another criminal here.

Imlie says dadda is a radical and not a psychological militant. Pankaj says they needn’t bother with any more difficulty. Imlie says she will look for any government official’s assistance and will get back Adi some way or another. She strolls towards entryway when Malini strolls in and discloses to Tripathi family that she is their ally and will assist them with getting Adi. Imlie says thanks to her for coming.

Malini says her dad is in touch with government authorities and Imlie can’t find support by arguing any lawmaker. Imlie says she will disrupt the guidelines than breaking her bangles and will hazard her life to ensure her better half. Malini says Adi isn’t just her significant other.

Imlie discloses to Anu that legaly she is as yet Adi’s better half and will call herself his significant other to ensure him. Imlie gathering crowd gives discourse that she will battle to secure her suhaag. Malini wears her mangalsutra and sindhoor back.