Imlie 25 March 2021 Written Updates

Scene begins with Prakash revealing to Imlie where Aditya went. Imlie gets stressed for him and starts strolling. Imlie sees Dev’s vehicle. She asks what is he doing here?

Dev says to Satyakam that he is here for duty. Satyakam beats him saying now Imlie needn’t bother with you. She is grown up. Presently you are really focusing on her after ages?


Anu says just she really focuses on Malini. Noone else. Aditya’s dad says its their own matter they will deal with. Anu says its enough now Malini and Aditya will separate from one another. Tripathis get stunned.


Meethi comes behind. Aditya inquires as to what are you doing here! Meethi says all of you can’t discover Satyakam in this enormous woodland. Aditya advises everybody to veer off.

Satyakam says he will execute Dev. Dev says he simply needs to embrace Imlie for one final time. Imlie should realize she has a dad. Satyakam says she would not like to see you. He was going to shoot him yet Meethi stops him. Satyakam says he is sitting tight for him so he can slaughter him. Meethi recalls everything. Meethi says you can’t execute him. He is Imlie’s dad. Aditya catches their discussion and gets stunned. Dev says he didn’t realize he has a little girl. He has come here for Imlie. Aditya draws an obvious conclusion. He gets everything.


Tripathis say that we ought not surrender. Malini will return back and settle the matter with Aditya. Anu says why you are anticipating it from Malini? Aditya hasn’t returned at this point. You will just agree with Aditya’s position not my little girl’s side.

Satyakam lashes out at Dev saying Meethi, Imlie languished significantly over you. You got hitched again and you have little girl. You gave her a decent life. In any case, what might be said about Imlie. You have the right to bite the dust. You are misleading Meethi once more. Dev says yes I need to kick the bucket. I’m weakling, feeble. However, I am not a terrible dad. Satyakam was going to shoot Dev yet Meethi slaps Satyakam.


Anu says again affronts Imlie. She says Malini isn’t conversing with her appropriately. She is disturbed as a result of Imlie too. On the off chance that Aditya can’t esteem Malini. She will not come here ever. Tripathis say that at any rate trust that Aditya will come.

Meethi says if Dev was not stressed for Imlie. Why he took a chance with his life? Dev says call Imlie, come clean with her. Meethi says if Dev acknowledges Imlie, she will get regard in the public arena. She will get joy. Read more……..

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