Scene begins with Meethi taking a gander at Imlie abnormally. Administrator embarrasses Imlie and others sayibg they can’t bear the cost of eating at a particularly costly eatery. Imlie says we are not beggers, we can call police for your bad conduct, administrator pushes Imlie and Aditya holds her. Aditya gets frantic at director and holds his collar saying on account of these residents you individuals have guts to talk, you can run your café. They do cultivating to give you vegetables. Remember their penance. He advises him to orchestrate table as he is here to offer treat to his family. Imlie gets intrigued. Aditya causes Imlie to sit in the eatery.

Dev figures he doesn’t realize Imlie will actually want to pardon him or not, Meethi will likewise be irate with him. He will endure all the affront for getting conciliatory sentiment.

Aditya seeing others attempting to eat with fork and blade begins eating with his hand. Seeing him everybody begins eating with hands. Imlie grins at Aditya. Satyakam and Meethi stress for Prakash and think why hasnt he come here till now? They attempt to call him. Dulari says Satyakam Meethi are constantly seen together these days. Imlie acts like Dulari’s perished spouse and cautions her that she won’t speak terrible about them. Dulari concurs. Aditya thinks he likewise carried on inconsiderately with him. Aditya goes outside to converse with him.

Meethi discloses to Satyakam that Aditya doesnt like Prakash. He is envious of him. Meethi says Prakash likes Imlie. Satyakam says Prakash couldn’t say about his sentiments like me. He says in view of Dev, Meethi is languishing. He laments of not sharing his sentiments prior. Meethi says don’t begin discussing it once more. Satyakam leaves. Dev shows up at café. Somebody gets into dark material him.

Aditya sees Meethi and inquires as to for what reason would she say she is disturbed? Meethi says she is truly glad for Imlie. Aditya dealt with her. Acknowledged her after all these. Making her examination. She expresses profound gratitude to him. Aditya says no compelling reason to express profound gratitude. Likewise call me Aditya or Adi from now. My friends and family call me by that name. Meethi advises Aditya to call her amma. He reviews Anu how she never adored him like mother.

Tripathis get stressed how they will confront Anu. She will affront them. Aditya’s dad says this time Aditya isn’t right. He never misled us like this. Aparna says Malini wouldn’t return again however I called her. Doorbell rings.

Imlie tells others in the café the hot lemon water is for processing food. She recommends them to drink it. Aditya asks what’s happening with they? He advises them to do what Imlie said with the goal that they don’t ridicule Imlie. He winks at her.

Meethi doesn’t discover Satyakam. Satyakam hauls Dev. He attempts to stifle him. He says how could he returned subsequent to destroying Meethi’s life. Dev doesnt remember him. Satyakam says who you need to meet? Meethi or Imlie? Dev says how would you know them? Prakash sees Satyakam.

Meethi says thanks to Aditya for the treat. Prakash illuminates that Satyakam is attempting to slaughter somebody in the woods. They attempt to go there. Aditya says he will likewise go. Aditya stops Prakash saying he will deal with Imlie and will not permit her to come behind Aditya. Read more……..