Imlie 23 March 2021 Written Updates

Scene begins with Imlie and Aditya resting. Satyakam Prakash get stressed for Imlie. As she hasn’t given any news where she stalled out. Dulari says Aditya is a con artist. He fled. All of you are fool that you confided in him. Imlie and Aditya return back. Prakash says how could Imlie be so indiscreet. Aditya says I was with her. I can ensure her. Prakash was going to leave yet Aditya says this treat is for everybody here who knows Imlie. He demands Prakash to go to eatery.

Prakash says on the off chance that I stay here our kinship will not be broken. You will continue to visit her. I’ll go next time. Imlie prods Dulari and prevents her from going to eatery. Dulari blows up and attempts to inconvenience Imlie. Imlie and Aditya take a gander at one another. Dulari ruins Imlie’s Saree. Imlie sees them and comprehends Dulari did all these. Aditya sits tight for Imlie. He says you haven’t excused me yet? Why not come outside? Imlie says she isn’t happy in her dress.


Aditya says from when did you begin thinking often about your dress! He opens the entryway. Imlie turns out in Aditya’s dress. Aditya begins giggling. Imlie says Dulari cannot stand me by any means. I’m looking truly peculiar. I can’t go. I’m resembling a man. Aditya says dislike that. He attaches one rose with Imlie’s hair. Imlie gets timid. Aditya says now you are resembling an adorable young lady. They have a heartfelt second together. Aditya says now we are getting late.


Satyakam scrutinizes Dev. He says Aditya is far superior than Dev. Dev didnt even return to see Meethi for once. Meethi says don’t speak awful about him. Satyakam says on the off chance that he at any point sees Dev here he will slaughter him. Dev drives vehicle and thinks in past he did numerous errors. Wish he could correct every one of them.

Dulari prods Imlie in the wake of seeing her in that dress. She says you are looking like man. Imlie begins acting saying she is Dulari’s late spouse’s spirit. Dulari gets terrified. Imlie says she has a deep understanding of all her shrewdness. She pained Imlie and her mom a ton. She doesnt accomplish any family work. Dulari begins crying and says she will not do it once more. Aditya grins at Imlie. Aditya says to Dulari that she will treat Imlie well. Dulari guarantees. Imlie at that point allows to Dulari for going to eatery.


At café supervisor doesn’t permit Satyakam and others in the eatery. They blow up. Satyakam says Babusaheb will deal with everything. Dulari and Imlie reach there.

Anu calls Aparna and says she needs to come and meet Tripathis. Aparna says accompany Malini. Anu says She will not come. Anu says I cannot see her little girl’s agony any longer in light of Aditya. Read More…….


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