Adithya is busy running on his laptop. Imlie comes from in the back of and he receives scared. He says he were given scared. He asks her to depart and tells her that he’s going to come. She asks him to stand. She asks him to leap on his one leg. He asks her why she is losing his time. She massages his leg and he tells her something has happened. He tells her that he has stored the whole lot withinside the pendrive. He says a person might be in the back of him. Adithya asks her to maintain the proof secure due to the fact he can’t agree with all people else. He offers her the proof and he or she guarantees to maintain it secure.

Imlie continues the pendrive secure close to the Goddess. She requests Goddess Durga to shield the proof. Malini sees her maintaining the proof and is going close to it to take it. Adithya comes there and asks what she is doing here. Malini says she will be able to’t say. She is embarrassed. She says she desires to move Aarti earlier than everybody due to the fact all the neighbours will come and he or she is single. She says she is in a weird, embarrassing and complex situation. She says she must be by myself infront of the neighbours. Adithya says he can’t prevent human beings from speakme. Malini requests him that she desires to do Aarti earlier than everybody and asks him whether or not he can do Aarti with her. He receives a name and he leaves from there announcing it’s miles critical name. Adithya says that the proof is secure with him. Malini thinks that she can be able to to Aarti with him.

Precap: Harsh calls Imlie. The commitee member says that like everytime this time too there’s no mistake of their work. Harsh says Imlie merits to be praised. Imlie asks them to head and do the Bhajan. She welcomes Rupali Tripathi. Adithya turns to look her.