Imlie is discovering Aditya. Imlie goes to see Aditya. Rupali sees Imlie and thinks that Imlie is harmed today too. Rupali feels that Imlie is leaving. Rupali goes to see her. Rupali sees Imlie with Aditya. Rupali is going to leave, however Rupali catches the discussion among Aditya and Imlie. Imlie and Aditya talk about the relationship. Imlie and Aditya contend on Malini’s theme. Imlie said not to say anything to anybody. Imlie demand him to take Malini. Aditya came clean with her to uncover. Imlie asks him not. Rupali gets Shocked. Rupali gets strained. Imlie and Aditya talk about not hurt Malini any longer. Aditya looks on. Aditya requests that she uncover reality.

Imlie is coming. Rupali stops her. Imlie deceived her. Rupali takes Imlie inside the room. Rupali requests that she uncover reality. Imlie gets Shocked. Imlie informed her concerning the Pagdandia . Imlie recounted the tale of her marriage. Rupali gets Shocked. Imlie said that she would not like to wed him. She revealed to her that they get constrained by the locals. Rupali is crying. Rupali asks Imlie that she is the primary spouse of Aditya. Imlie looks on. Rupali asks her not to leave her place. Rupali revealed to Imlie that she additionally did botches. Imlie asks her not to uncover reality.

Malini is vexed and crying. Malini requests that not advise anything to Anu. Dev and Dadi attempt to support her. Malini saud that Aditya couldn’t care less about her. Dev ask that he is calling Aditya. Malini stops him. Dev gets Shocked. Malini is crying and gets stressed over the relationship. Malini is harmed. Malini told Dev and Dadi that this relationship won’t work any longer. Dev gets Shocked. Malini is crying and considers Aditya. Read more…..