Imlie while stripping peas in kitchen sings a tune and tosses peas at Sundar. Their nok jhok starts, and Imlie runs behind him holding blade. Badimaa enters, and the two of them stop. She requests that they make this evening’s muh dikayi plans and bring things for the customs. The two of them leave proceeding their nok jhok. Aparna enters. Badi maa says actually providing food and Malini’s cosmetics craftsman have not come. Aparna requests that she rest as food provider has come and cosmetics craftsman will come soon. Aditya sees Malini crying and asks reason. Malini says she just addressed mother and felt how forlorn mother was feeling without her; everybody misconstrue mother’s annoyance, however she vents out her agony by means of it; he knows mother and father don’t manage everything well, so she doesn’t need them to conceal anything among them and talk about

each little issue and sort it out. Adi thinking back Malini imploding subsequent to catching wind of his and Imlie’s wedding figures he can’t uncover it again to her. He supports her. Nidhi and Parul with parlor woman stroll in and joke they didn’t see anything, they didn’t realize that Adi can be so sentimental and will discover by means of Malini when did they meet and how did exhausting Adi become so sentimental. Adi shyingly leaves.

Imlie with Satyakam re-visitations of Pagdandiya. Sarpanch inquires as to whether Imlie is fine as he is as yet feeling regretful after strongly getting her hitched to city man, he will feel loose in the event that he hears Imlie is glad. Imlie thinks back Imlie’s impolite conduct and requesting that not meet her once more. Dulari hollers that a young lady is a weight on guardians and Sarpanch shouldn’t feel regretful, great Imlie is gone. She sees all endowments returning flawless and insults that Imlie needn’t bother with cottons sari and probably sent them from entryway istelf. Satyakam cautions her to stop and figures he should meet Aditya and discover why Imlie did that.

Back in kitchen, Sundar gets ready nazar battu to avert Malini and Adi’s nazar. Imlie begins her nok jhok and says she will perform nazar in Pagdandiya style. Parlor woman does Malini’s cosmetics and says she has enchantment in her grasp and will make Malini look more excellent. Malini says she has too look wonderful with Tripathi family. They see smoke drifting in general and leave hacking. Family likewise stroll to front room hacking and examine where the smoke is coming from. Imlie enters holding smoker and gabbing om nazar utaram and says she is averting nazar/hostile stares. Parlor woman leaves hacking with Rupal, Malini, and Nidhi and says she can’t endure smoke. They surge him out of house. Adi strolls in straightaway, and before he could reprimand Imlie, she sits in chicken’s position/murga as discipline. Malini attempts to stop her to no end. Pankaj says she won’t tune in and leaves chuckling and cautioning Imlie to complete her discipline. Sundar enters and jokes with Imlie and their nok jhok begins once more.

Badimaa reveals to Aparna that parlor woman’s hack halted, however Nidhi and Rupal took her to specialist. Aparna asks who will do Malini’s cosmetics now. Malini says she do her cosmetics herself. Aparna says she had one opportunity to accomplish something for her bahu, however fizzled. Badimaa says she has one thought nd calls Imlie. Aparna demands Imlie to do Malini’s cosmetics like she applied mehandi. Imlie anxiously says she would not like to do botch again like in mehandi. The two of them demand. Malini reminds Imlie about her guarantee to help her consistently. Imlie concurs and takes a stab at doing cosmetics thinking they trust her indiscriminately and gave her duty on first day of marriage. Malini says Imlie can leave in the event that she would not like to, she will go to work without cosmetics. Imlie says she knows just town cosmetics and not city’s. Malini says she can perform town cosmetics. Outside, Adi blows up hearing Imlie is doing Malini’s cosmetics and says she will ruin it once more, so he, when all is said and done, will proceed to check. Imlie plans natural cosmetics fixings and applies them on Malini. Malini says knows it all from mehandi, cosmetics, and so forth,, and inquires as to whether she took in cosmetics from her mom. Imlie gets passionate thinking back offending Mithi. Malini inquires as to whether she is crying. Imlie says no. Malini says she can detect it as she is an educator and says soon she will get her hitched and expectations she finds a kid like Adi for her who can cherish her monstrously like Adi. Imlie thinks back her marriage with Adi. She at that point does Malini’s cosmetics. Adi thumps entryway. Imlie opens it. He reprimands her that she will ruin cosmetics like she ruins everything. Malini strolls to him, and he thinks back Imlie’s wedding cosmetics and stands freeze. Aparna and others stroll in straightaway and commendation Malini’s cosmetics. Adi says he will make Malini to parlor as he doesn’t need visitors to remark on her cosmetics. Malini says she wouldn’t fret what individuals say and she preferred this cosmetics.

Precap: Anu shouts seeing Malini’s cosmetics that its so obsolete. Imlie says a lady doesn’t get delightful with cosmetics, yet with spouse’s affection, Malini became wonderful today with husband’s adoration.