Imlie 19 March 2021 Written Update

Scene begins with Aparna missing Imlie. She additionally envisions Aditya and Malini together. She says to her better half that she is feeling terrified for Aditya Imlie and Malini. She feels something isn’t right. He says trust your childhood. Everybody will return back very soon. You have performed your responsibility well.

Meethi acclaims Aditya. Nakli naani insults Meethi saying Aditya doesnt love Imlie by any means. They are just acting. The Diya will be brushed off. Meethi says each off-base thing happened to Imlie is a direct result of you. You attempted to stop her without fail. In any case, presently she has everybody’s help. So avoid me. Nakli naani blows up.


Imlie advises Aditya to return and rest. Aditya says you need to play with Prakash at that point? Imlie says I’ll deal with it. Aditya says minister said spouse ought to be here to deal with the dia. He says this mannat and God’s endowments cannot save somebody. Imlie says we cannot think everything legitimately.


Trust and accept are everything. I accept this diya will shield you from each risk. You too considered me your better half yet I didn’t need my privilege from you as I probably am aware rationale doesn’t make any difference akways. Aditya thinks why Imlie’s words influence her profoundly. He asks I have advised you dont expect anything from me why you think our relationship is valid. Imlie says I dont need anything from you. I need you deal with your family like previously. She educates Aditya to be cautious regarding the diya. She goes to take water.

Nakli naani sees them and pushes it with the goal that it tumbles down to inconvenience Imlie. Aditya thinks these are for the most part negligible. Nothing has changed. I ought not overthink about Imlie. Seeing the diya on ground he attempts to get it. His hand gets singed. Imlie sees nakli naani and races to see Aditya. She gets stunned seeing Aditya is holding the diya on his hand. She says kindly keep it to the side. Aditya doesnt do it. Imlie thinks for what reason is Babusaheb bearing such a lot of torment for me?


Malini Aditya’s wedding photograph bursts into flames. Malini gets fretful and attempts to stifle the fire. Anu and Dev mother arrive at stop her colloquialism have you gone distraught? Malini says I was doing it right? For what reason did you meddle? Anu says stay calm. Presently I cannot resist the urge to panic seeing you crying this way. Dev mother says to Malini that relationship cannot be traded. Its valuable. She reassures her.

Imlie gives Aditya something so he can keep the diya on it. She applies jaributi on Aditya’s hand and doesnt discharge her hand. Imlie reveals to him leave Pagdandiya. Read more…….


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