She sits in the vehicle. He takes her. Anokhi remains on the stepping stool to fix the pennant. Shagun figures she may tumble down, will I send somebody. Anokhi falls. Shaurya holds her. Anokhi grins. He says sorry, my state of mind was off. He approaches her. Shagun looks on. He says I need to ask you something, our match was inadequate. She says you left from the match. He says you might have called me. She asks how might that help, we were unable to apply tones to one another. He says lets apply colors around evening time on supper. She requests to talk about spending plan. He says no, date. She asks date. He inquires as to why, you would prefer not to go. She says I need to go, be that as it may, I never went out on the town, I don’t have a clue how… He says its straightforward, come for supper, request the fav dish, distinction is, I won’t take care of you protein bar this time, the soup can be superior to Ahir’s eatery soup. She requests that he choose where to go. He says alright, I guarantee you, Ahir will not difficulty us this time, see you. He goes.

Shaurya hangs tight for Anokhi. Anokhi prepares. Shagun comes there and meets Shaurya. Anokhi sees them and gets stunned.