Malini returns home with Adi. He noticing her dilemma asks what happened. She says her question may be awkward to him, even then she wants to ask him something. He says he will not hide anything from her. She says she knows he wants to accept Imlie as his wife in front of whole world, but can he accept her as wife when he is alone with her. He says he cannot understand what she means. She asks if he gave a wife’s right to Imlie. He says of course not, he never thought of a physical relationship with Imlie and she shouldn’t doubt him. Nishant opens door and calling them love birds how was their date. Aparna asks if they discussed what they wanted to. Malini, reminiscing Adi revealing that he and Imlie love each other, says they did. Adi walks away saying he is tired and wants to rest. Malini walks behind him saying a lot will change between them tonight. Taiji says Malini told it will change and not correct. Dev calls landline and asks Nishant if Imlie came there. Nishant says no, what exactly happened. Dev informs that Imlie left home with her stuff. Nishant asks if something happened. Dev asks to inform him if Imlie comes there. Nishant informs that Dev told Imlie left home. Rupali gets worried for Imlie. Aparna asks them to speak slowly or else Adi will hear. Taiji fumes that Imlie does irresponsible acts always. Rupali yells not to blame Imlie and find her out. Taiji says its better he would have hired a hostel room for Imlie to stop her from wandering from one place to another, she sacrificed a lot for them. Nishant says maybe she returned to Pagdandiya/PD. Pankaj says only Adi has Imlie’s family number and they cannot inform him. Adi with Malini returns and asks if they want an 18-year-old girl gets lost in Delhi streets. Aparna asks why would they want that. Adi yells at her as usual. Aparna says they thought she returned to PD/ and says they can sit and wait while he goes to search her. Malini asks him to calm down. Aparna asks to seek police help. Nishant says he will accompany Adi. Adi yells at him to sit and think with family and let him search Imlie alone as she is his responsibility and he will to trouble them. He walks away.In hotel room, Mithi braids Imlie’s hair. Satyakam calls his team member and informs that Prakash was right that Adi has left Imlie, he will not let Imlie also suffer like Mithi. Adi searches Imlie’s stuff and finding his watch there thinks why did she return it. Malini says Imlie is habituated to leave home uninformed, they were panicked before, don’t know what is the reason this time. He says she knows why he left home earlier. She says maybe mom misbehaved with her or maybe Imlie didn’t want to see them together. He says Imlie saw him getting married to her and applying sindhoor in her forehead, she always was worried for her Malini didi and tolerated her husband with her didi. Malini says there is difference between speaking and doing like many times he says something and breaks her heart repeatedly with his acts. He says doesn’t have time for her philosophy. She says she will meet a lawyer and file for divorce. He says he is worried for Imlie now and she should wait for 2-3 days. She says she already is late and will not inform his family though, she cannot continue with this relationship and wants a divorce. He says he can understand its difficult for her to stay in this room. She says even he must be feeling diffult to not let her first wife in his room. He requests to wait till he finds Imlie. She says its difficult for her and she will file for divorce tomorrow. He walks away saying as she wishes.Aparna sees Adi getting on a bike and requests to seek police help. Adi says how can he leave a 19-year-old girl on streets and reminds how she used to hug Imlie and scold him for misbehaving with Imlie and used to get worried for Imlie. Aparna pleads to listen to her once, but he walks away. Satyakam tries to shoot him and thinks nobody can stop Adi from dying. He follows Adi.

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