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The scene begins with Aditya bringing Malini fdom the dias. Malini embraces her dad sincerely and cries. Dec gives Malini’s hand to Aditya and says that Malini isn’t just his little girl yet additionally closest companion. He requests him to take care from her well and never cause her to feel dismal. Aditya guarantees for the equivalent. Everybody snickers. Aditya’s folks says that Malini is their girl and not girl in law.

Imlie watches it with mournful. She reviews her marriage. Imlie apologizes her mom in heart. Meethi is crushed reviewing Imlie’s words. Satyakam offers water to Meethi. Meethi says that all Imlie’s fantasies begins with her yet now. She says that Imlie may have been in some strain and that is the reason carried on thusly.

Satyakam says she has changed. Meethi says that she was unable to try and get love.

Aditya’s mom invites the recently marries home by taking their arti. Malini is going to stagger yet his mom holds her. Malini expresses gratitude toward her. Imlie entered the home first time. Aditya holds Malini’s hands and she does Grahpravesh. Imlie jokes that they left her after girl in law’s family.

Women approaches Sundar to bring milk for rasam yet he says that milk is finished. Everybody freezes and sends him to bring milk. Sundar is going to leave yet Imlie stops him. She says that she won’t permit some watered powder from shop as milk and will just acknowledge cow’s milk. Everybody has a go at clarifying her however she doesn’t tune in. Imlie goes to cow and powers Sundar to drain the bovine. He gets terrified. Imlie herself drains the bovine. Everybody gets astonished.

.She calls Aditya’s dad and requests that he do. He gets frightened yet Imlie instructs him. He also drains the dairy animals. Sundar grins and says he will likewise attempt. Imlie says no and says that monkeys can’t do it. Imlie brings milk and Aditya’s mom says that all is well gratitude to Imlie. She says that this is a result of her the marriage occurred with no issue. Imlie watches pitiful and everybody prods the couple. They start the rasam by dropping the ring in milk.

Aditya and Malini looks for the ring. They state that we should see who adores more. In any case, shockingly the two of them lift the ring. They state that the two loves each other a ton and supplicates nobody separates them. They have an eyelock and Malini sees them.

Anu is concerned that Malini didn’t message her still. Dev and her mom says that she would’ve recently gone into the house and says she’s not any more their little girl. Anu says she’s her little girl regardless. Aditya’s mom blessings Malini and Malini inquires as to why this when she acknowledged her as her little girl.

Everybody endowments her and Malini takes their approval. Aditya’s mom blessings her an aroma talented by Aditya’s dad unexpectedly. Youngsters also blessing Malini their carefully assembled cards. They inquires as to whether Imlie didn’t she offer anything to Malini. Malini says that Imlie previously gave do a lot to her. First mehendi, next wrap lastly sindoor. Malini says even before she gave such a huge amount to her, she asks would she be able to’s ask more. She requests that she take help her. Imlie says she will do all the family errands.

Everybody jokes while Imlie watches dismal. Imlie blows up when they jokes on her and reclaims the espresso cups. Aditya requests that Malini rest and his sister prods him. Anu calls Aditya and requests Malini. He offers telephone to Malini. Anu gets some information about not calling her. Malini thanks everybody for the blessing and they all leave. Aditya leaves drinking Malini’s espresso. Malini takes a the telephone and Anu chastens her for not getting the call. She says about post marriage ceremonies. Anu taunts her and cuts the call. Malini feels pitiful.

Precap : Aditya gets stunned seeing Malini in Imlie’s clothing.

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Air Date: 01 January 2021

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