At that point she says to him that I will drop you at Chandu’s home then he says how much separation among here and Chandu’s home. On another side, Malini stresses over him after that her dad accompanies tea and offer her. At that point Malini’s mom comes and says to Malini’s dad that have you actually observe our nation club’s condition she said I booked that for you. also, she says about her commitment unexpectedly her dad says that they are basic individuals they can not remain in nation club kind of room.

After every one of that Malini’s Mother says that Malini will get distraught on the off chance that she will remain with that family so that is the reason I booked that, and her dad says that you would prefer not to include for our girl’s bliss. At that point Malini’s mom says that I traded off as of now since he and his family isn’t our style. However, we acknowledge that then she says that the capacity will mastermind by me with my style. Subsequent to hearing this present, Malini’s dad takes a gander at Malini, and her mom said I realize that you and your little girl imagine that I am a lowlife, and she says that I am doing this for my girl and they go from that point.

With regards to Aditya he says to Imli that go under the tree shed in view of hefty downpour however she doesn’t hear him out and he said you will feel wiped out after downpour. After that Imli says to Aditya that look there is a nibble behind you and Aditya gets terrified after that she giggles. At that point Malini’s Mother calls Aditya’s Family and she says we prepared for commitment and I booked a nation club in a five-star inn so you additionally start the course of action of commitment.

Toward the finish of the scene downpour keeps on hefty and Aditya asks her that I will drop her at your home because of the downpour and from that point onward, I will discover another vehicle for help she says that as of now there is no vehicle accessible. because of downpour Aditya conveys the camera and her he goes in the shed he gets harmed moreover. At the point when they came outside all residents and her granny accuses her that what were you doing with him the entire night. at that point Imli’s granny says Aditya should wed imli. Let witness what will.