Aditya figures out how to redirect the police officers. Satyakam gets glad to see Aditya places his life in peril for him. He acknowledges him and Aditya approaches him for a meeting. Satyakam gets dazzled with him and consents to offer meeting to him. Satyakam goes with Aditya and offers meeting to him. Imlie explains the subtleties of how Satyakam is spared from police. While coming to give talk with Aditya tumbled down from the bicycle however Satyakam oversees Aditya and says I accept that you are not a double crosser.

Satyakam gives Aditya a meeting, where he talks about Meethi and Imlie being his uncommon individuals. He says I need Imlie to concentrate such a great amount of that after her countless young ladies from different towns can read and develop for good. He says I need all the town young ladies to concentrate to such an extent that no city individuals can exploit him. He gets enthusiastic and gives some cash to Aditya to hand over it to Imlie and her mom. He disappears and says the other data Chandu will give you about myself as he is with me in this battle and battle. Imlie and Meethi will give you the location of Chandu.

Imlie is conversing with her mom and she asks her, why you and Satyakam never got hitched to one another? Imlie flees from the spot so her mom can’t admonish her. Meethi thinks for the city fellow I was not having the option to see the adoration he had for me. So when I was in issues for my own issue, how might I go to him like that? I never needed to make him a piece of my miseries in particular. Next morning, Imlie and her mom comes to meet Satyakam yet becomes acquainted with he left in the night as it were. Imlie and Meethi consents to take him to Chandu in the early evening.

While the marriage arrangements of Aditya and Malini are in full swings in both the families. Aditya’s family is as normal doing things together and as a group when Navya comes and gives a check to them as a little commitment and everybody on the house values her for being liberal and capable. Aditya calls Malini and educates her about his prosperity yet he lies about the telephone so she doesn’t get stressed. In the middle of the call Imlie comes and educates him that she has purchased a unique vehicle for him to take him to Chandu.

Malini gets upset to hear the voice of a female and gets some information about her. He educates Imlie is one of the relatives of Satyakam and says I call her distraught as it were. Imlie says I am not frantic, I am the most clever young lady and that is the reason I got grant. Do you get it ever? Aditya says I truly don’t have the foggiest idea how to manage this frantic young lady and disappears from that point and Imlie believes that for Satyakam I need to manage this egotistical person.

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