How to Port Sim to another Network:- If you also want to get your SIM ported, then read this post carefully, in this post, we will provide you complete information about how to port the SIM to you.

Why do you need to port a sim

There is a need to port the sim when we have less network of sim running in our phone and we have a lot of difficulty in running the net, do you have difficulty in calling again, that’s why we company We get ported to Airtel like there is very less network at some place, that’s why they get their SIM ported from Airtel to Jio and many people get Idea ported to Jio and many people get Jio ported to Airtel and many People get BSNL SIMs ported to another SIM

What does sim port mean?

It means to transfer any of your SIMs to another SIM company, as if I had an Idea SIM running earlier, I have got it ported in Jio. To get ported is the real meaning of your Idea SIM. It was the same number that will now run in Jio’s SIM, we can also say that moving from one network to another

How to port SIM other network step by step

  1. First you do not have to send one like this from your mobile number
  2. In Sms you have to write “PORT 98555 *** 96” And Send 1900
  3. After sending SMS, you will receive a message. UPC number will be written in that message
  4. You have to go to a mobile shop near that house and tell him this number and tell him that I have to get a SIM port
  5. After going to mobile telecom, you have to fill a form, in that form your Aadhaar card can be asked and after that complete verification will be done, then in 5 days your SIM will be ported to another network.
  6. You will have to pay around ₹ 10 to get the SIM ported and after that you will be charged according to whatever recharge plan you select, like if you want to recharge for one month, then you will get 199 rupees of recharge and ₹ 10 will go for sim port.