You all know about Pabji game. And also everyone knows that this game has been banned by the Indian government. Because India has suffered a lot due to this game. And for those people who get addicted to the pubic game, this game has proved to be life-threatening, hence the decision was taken by the Indian government that it would be okay to close this game in India. Was banned and no one could download it from the Play Store right now.

How did people use it even after Pabji was banned?

People who were addicted to Pabji were forced by their habit to play that game. And those people started doing different types of research on the internet that how to download or play Publish game in India. But at the same time India also decided to launch a game called “Fau” -g “and the teaser of this game has just been released on YouTube a while back. Now there is very little time left to launch this game.

Meanwhile, a new update has been revealed in which it is written that the pubic game will be relaunched by PUBG Mobile India. We have received all this information through Twitter and you can also see the proof below how it is being shared on Twitter that it is going to be relaunched in Mobile India.

How to download PUBG MOBILE GAME

As has been told in the tweet that this game is coming soon in India, this news is not confirmed. But if this game launches in India, then you can easily download it by going to the Play Store. With this, if a military game is launched, you will also be able to download it easily from the internet or from the play store and you will be able to play it too. That Give Me will be exactly like the pub live mobile game.

NOTE: – Our website does not support any type of game. Our aim is just to bring you the latest information. And that’s why whatever information we got from Twitter, we have posted in this article. So this game should be relaunched or this game should remain the same BAN, please give your review in the comment box below.