Ullu is one of the most famous OTT Platforms In the Media World these days in view of its sizzling and very engaging Web Series. Furthermore, Once again Ullu is back with another Series, Video Calling Hotspot. In Today Post we have covered everything about the most recent Web Series From Ullu, so Keep perusing assuming you need to find about the storyline, cast, and trailer and where you can watch it.

The Story of Video Calling Hotspot ULLU Web Series unfurls with a gathering of Young and Beautiful Girls Video Calling with a moderately aged man and with his child Named Abhinav Separately. Inside Few days the two of them get cordial with the Girls, and they begin to strip their garments on the video call. The Girls give them visual sexual joy and the two of them experienced passionate feelings for the Girls.

Abhinav is a youthful undergrad and his dad is a finance manager. From the beginning, it appears to be extremely ordinary yet as the story progress, then, at that point, the Girls begins to extort the two of them by recording their call. From the trailer, anybody can see that this isn’t whenever Females first are doing such a wrongdoing. They are proficient in deceiving men and afterward coercing them.