Face Wash Domestic tips: – If you are also troubled by Peepal then we have brought some bitter tips for you. With the help of which you can remove the pimple from your face. Facial beauty is your biggest jewel. But there is a lot of pimples on the face and the face gets dry. That is why you have brought some household tips with the help of which you can save the simple and face from getting hungry.
If we talk about all of today’s people, in today’s age men are taking care of their skin as much as women. We will talk about some tips to cleanse your skin and make people disappear. Which can be adopted by women as well as men.

Face Wash Household tips

1. lemon (नींबू)

First of all we will talk about mixing lemon juice with Glycerin and rubbing it on the face becomes beautiful.

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2. Orange (नारंगी)

Rubbing dried leaves of orange (orange is a fruit of lemon species means it looks like lemon) on the face also benefits the skin a lot. And skin comes out with it.

3. Masur lentils, Milk

Put the masur lentils in the water. And mix it in milk and make a paste and apply it on your face. And after 10 minutes, wash your face with warm water.

4.Chilli, Rose water

Grind 5-10 chilli in rose water and apply it on your face. And do it on your face as soon as you wake up in the morning. If you do this for a few days, the pimples will disappear on your face.

5. Oregano, curd

You should grind 3 grams of Oregano and mix it with 25 grams of curd and apply it on the pimple at night. Doing this way will make your pimples disappear and your skin will be improved.

6. Glycerine, Rose water, Sulfur powder,

Mixing 5 ml of sulfur powder in 25 ml of glycerin and 25 mm of pure rose water. Wherever you stain, apply it on your face and wash your face with water, after doing this for one week, the spots will disappear on your face.

7. Orange, Dried neem leaves

You have to take 20 grams of orange peel, 5 grams of dried neem leaves and offer both of them to make the powder. In this powder you have to add 5 grams of sandalwood and a little flour in it. You have to add five milligrams of oil and equal quantity of sesame oil. And after this, apply this paste on the face all night. And in the morning do your face with water. You have to do this process 3-4 times a week. And your face will turn out so much that you cannot even think.

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8.Basil, neem leaves, roses

Basil, neem leaves, rose, and chicory are to boil 3 grams of husbands. And after boiling it, you have to make it proud. And you have to get sugar in it. You have to drink this mixture before going to bed at night and you will start to see improvement in the face within 15 days.