Next you see that Navya feels that she has been married to Aditya for the entire 3 years. And she thinks that she should give the good news as soon as possible because it’s too late. Waiting for 2 years is not the only option. And then she says that she is just about to find what she is looking for.

Then we see all the women getting ready by Renu in their house. And you are also doing that make-up when one of the women complains that she is going to make a lion but in that dress, there is no question of the lion.

Then Renu says that I had also warned them to check the goods before bringing them home, but they again left all this incomplete. Then she says that is why I do not give people work because I know she Do not work with full attention.

Renu comes to know the solution and immediately stitches and starts preparing a post to wear Kusum. Then we see that the whole is not getting in the proper shape. And Navya keeps asking Renu to help her do the job perfectly.

Today we see that everyone says that the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law pair is very wonderful and they always work together as a team. Then we see that women know that a friend of theirs is going to come Is because her daughter-in-law suddenly fell ill and she could not come.

Hey we see that he is forced to ask Renu to play a role in the drama he was going to play and Rimika gets confused to play the role on stage.