Ninad cautions Sayi that they will utilize power in the event that she won’t consent to follow their family customs. Omkar orders her to spruce up and re-visitation of get alta/red shading applied on her feet. Sai says when his girl in-law has applied alta, for what reason is she disturbing her, its her desire if to apply it.

Bhavani says she won’t hear her out effectively and holding her hand says she won’t release her until she applies alta on her feet. Sayi argues to leave her. Bhavani says she doesn’t regard ceremonies. Sayi says she regards, yet she is adversely affected by alta. Usha says Sayi is correct, she got skin rankles on her feet when she applies alta during school show. Bhavani hollers it as though a hoodlum is helping another criminal, she won’t confide in them. Pakhi requests that she not power Sayi as she may program Virat and remove him from this house.

Ashwini says if Virat needed to take off from this house, he would have some time in the past. Sayi attempts to leave. Bhavani stops her and requesting that Saloni and Pakhi hold her requests that Karishma apply alta on her feet. They hold her and Karishma attempts to apply alta on her feet. Sayi opposes and alta tumbles down during their tussle. Bhavani hollers its an abshagun and don’t have the foggiest idea what obscure issue is anticipating them. Sayi says she didn’t do it intentionally. Entire family shouts at Sayi.

Ashwini backs Sayi and clarifies Sayi that she ought to apply it as it is useful for Virat. Bhavani requests that Usha clean the wreck which Sayi made. Devi steps on alta and says she applied it even after Bhavani’s opposition. She discloses to Sayi its useful for Virat on the off chance that she applies it and as a spouse she ought to, she additionally applied it for her significant other. Bhavani yells to stop. Sayi asks who is her better half. Devi leaves saying she won’t as his life will be in harm’s way. Omkar and Ninad holler and accuse Sayi of course. Pakhi says whatever happened today shouldn’t have occurred, in the event that they advise Virat he will uphold Sayi, if family has issue with Sayi, Virat and Sayi should take off from the house to keep up harmony in this house. Ashwini says Virat is Sayi’s significant other and his obligation is to help Sayi, why Pakhi is bending the issue.

Pakhi says she simply needs to keep up harmony in this house. Ashwini says Sayi upheld her and brought her back home when she ventured out from home, presently she needs Sayi to take off from this house. Sayi says she won’t take off from this house on their request and will leave just if Virat says. She leaves indignantly. Ashwini brings garments for Sayi and requests that she prepare for pooja soon. Sayi requests that she bring alta as she told its awful for Virat in the event that she doesn’t have any significant bearing it.

Ashwini says she can’t hazard her wellbeing, yet it might carry misfortune to Virat. Sayi says she is concerned for aayi as she will feel awful if something awful happens to Virat. Ashwini inquires as to whether she is so stressed over her, for what reason did she make a particularly huge show first floor saying she is adversely affected by alta. Sayi says she will have antiallergic tablet and apply alta for her. Ashwini requests to apply it for Virat. Sayi says as of now Pakhi has applies alta for Virat. Ashwini requests that not say that. Their discussion proceeds. Read more…..