Gum Hai Kise Ke Pyaar Me 25th January 2021 Written update

gum hai

Sayi inquires as to whether he is furious that she moved on Aniket’s melody or taking an interest in new’s invite program. He irately leaves. Sayi thinks she brought nourishment for him, however he called Pakhi, she won’t ever bring him food regardless of whether he demands. Virat strolls to Pakhi. Pakhi inquires as to for what reason did he ask so noisily to bring food. He says he just requested food, for what reason didn’t she. She requests that he unwind and determine what occurred. Sayi keeps smoldering and rests on bed. Pakhi discloses to Virat that he took a great deal of time that he isn’t viable with Sayi; he reproved her toward the beginning of the day when she told Sayi is rendering retribution, however now he is furious on Sayi to such an extent. Virat says she is moving in school’s fresher’s invite program. She asks what’s up in that. He attempts to talk about Aniket yet stops. She requests that he unwind till she brings nourishment for him. Ashwini strolls in and says she warmed nourishment for him, so he should come and have it. He says he isn’t ravenous. She says she will take care of him from her hands and takes him along taking a gander at Pakhi. She takes care of him. He says he offended her and feels remorseful for that. She says its not his misstep as he is bearing a major duty unexpectedly or more that hears family’s insults. He says is strained in view of Sayi. Ashwini says Sayi is thoughtful hearted and gets things done without speculation, she adores her a ton and can’t see anybody chiding her, so went up against Virat a day or two ago. He says she admonishes him regularly. Ashwini says Sayi calls her aayi/mother and won’t extra any individual who reproves him, so he ought to be cautious.

Next morning, Sayi joins Ashwini in kitchen saying she needs to complete work soon and set off for college. Ashwini asks what happened the previous evening. Sayi says she just disclosed to Virat that she is taking an interest in school’s freshers’ program, he blew up hearing that. She inquires as to whether she offered him food or not. She says she inquired as to whether needs her or Pakhi to bring nourishment for him, so he yelled uproariously requesting that Pakhi bring food. Ashwini says she is a blockhead to do that, Virat blows up at whatever point he is ravenous, so she should accept him food when he gets back from work. She concurs. Ashwini illuminates that today is Basant panchami and a couple of women will come for pooja, so she should get back soon and set off for college wearing a yellow dress. Sayi expresses gratitude toward her again and embracing her says she is the awesome. Ashwini requests that she rehash it.


Pakhi offers to Bhavani in nursery. Bhavani educates her about basant panchami celebration festivity today and requests to make courses of action for it. She additionally illuminates that ladies will come to perform pooja and ceremonies and she will show Sayi a thing or two. Pakhi asks how will she respond. Bhavani says simply stand by and watch. At night, Ashwini and others get going in game plans when Devi strolls to her and asks purpose behind enhancement. Ashwini says its basant panchami celebration today and clarifies its ceremonies in detail, says wedded women apply alda/red tone on their feet today. Devi reveals to Bhavani that she will apply alda as she is additionally hitched. Bhavani yells at her to quiet down and requests to go to her room.


Ashwini discloses to Devi that she kept desserts in her room, so she should proceed to have it. Devi leaves joyfully. Usha strolls to Bhavani and solicitations not to feel terrible about Sahi’s conduct as she is intense, however acceptable on the most fundamental level. Pakhi remarks that integrity ought to be appeared and not stowed away from everybody. Usha portrays how Sayi battled for Shivani and ensured her. Saloni shouts that she extended the issue and offended their family, Virat was capturing Amay in any case. Ashwini asks Usha not to burn through her time as one whose awful can’t comprehend Sayi’s integrity. Bhavani hollers how could she is to call them awful and asserts that she is supporting Sayi figuring Sayi will give all her income to her subsequent to turning into a specialist. Ashwini cautions her to stop.



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