Goodness will not be with you. In today’s episode you will see that first seen he says let’s go to greet him together and he says listen to my first three words I love you then Gooden says when Gooden How is it that when we meet again I will tell him that in such a short time there is a rock moving there and all the people who seem to have RAJ kissed Gooden’s head and hugged him and Durga and Lakshmi too loudly Screaming loudly and then Gooden’s hand grabs AJ and he starts remembering his old days and a romantic atmosphere is created and he is lost in his old ones remembering his wedding and his Giving birth to a child he misses all the moments Lakshmi and Durga are still screaming and Shahru grabbed him from the peak.

Right now the second scene of the episode is going on and thinking that 10 years have passed then Saru says that 10 years have passed but every corner of her house and every single thing keeps reminding her and she never feels like that. It didn’t happen that we left him, his memories will always remain with us, then the media would go there That she is your greatness that you guys never considered her a stranger then she is giving food to you and now everyone and then Saru asks her why you are feeding everyone and then she says to her That this food is bad, do not distribute it to everyone and it snatches the food anyway.

And there the auction starts where a man says 5000 then how is it that this picture is very expensive it will sell very expensive and it has been locked in a room for 10 years.

You will see that Shivani comes there and everyone is surprised to see her. Swaroop says that she has ruined all my plans. Sarva says that I am like my mother. Said she would never go to her room where she is coming from. In the same way you will see that the media will ask him that every time you stay in the room the oil slips from his hand and everyone falls on that oil and everyone says that he has ruined everything. You will see that Saro slips on that heart and starts laughing golden. Bidders say he is going crazy.

Similarly, she says that she is the daughter of Gooden and Masterchef AJ, she said that she will never leave her room and she was very sad but she was very sweet. Understand this whole thing in the name of this girl. Have you ever lied to get money from people?

You will see that Gooden watches on TV at night and says turn on the volume.

In the same way you will see that Saru tells Goodan who told you to come home so soon you have ruined everything now this is how Durga comes and tells Saru where Choti DJ is, Lakshmi and Durga enters.