Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update 11 September 2020

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:– Today’s episode has dialogue and one that tells Guddan to hold my hand. Guddan grabs Ajay and says that I will come with you, similarly, further says that we have to go one by one. Good shows that you will give me your hand and I will travel both. They both fall down. Ajay grabs Guddan. Ajay hugs Guddan. Laxmi says please give us your hand Ajay says please be careful. She says that do you remember our first meeting was exactly the same way Lakshmi says that together mother you take us on that day. Similarly, today we will save you. Laxmi says let me be this specter Ajay says that Guddan will calm down and breathe everything will be all right my breath cannot let me hold my hand. Guddan says that we are with each other, we will die together, he says that we have not yet we have to live for a little.

Guddan says that we are together. We will die together today. AJ says, we have not yet we have to live for Choti. He says that you can do anything. Guddi says that time goes with you. I became yours the day you met me. Ajay says that we have to live for our younger. That’s why I will not be able to forget your love today. Guddon starts crying. Ajay says that you calm down, he hugs her and says you don’t worry. He is seated Guddan to get down from the car Guddan says that I cannot leave him alone. Thank goodness that I cannot do anything without you. And you always stood for me, in happiness and sorrow is the song Good Night that I want to make this love immortal for marriage Ajay says that your love has changed me very much to make an angry man a romantic person Ajay says I love you

You will see that Ajay says to Guddan that I will save you and hug you and then walk the whole world and say that Gunton I Love You Ajay kisses him. . Ajay says that I want to be bad with you. Guddan also says that I had already got some Tejpal. She looks up at the sky. Ali says that the moon is not beautiful in front of you.

On the other side you will see that Durga brings the tractor Lakshmi says that we will save you. Inspector called the rescue team. Guddan says that I cannot do this, please promise me you will make all this love move forward. I say Is that Gudan what are you doing good says she has to be loved like an Arab. Saru says I will never do anything wrong again Lakshmi says that grandmother is waiting for you there Ajay says tell her That we cannot do this time, if I am because of whatever I am, tell him that I love him the most, take care of my mother and daughter. Durga says that you will start this task from today Let’s be Ajay. Hearing something like this breaks the rock.

Choti starts to cry. That’s how it comes, catches Guddan, the rock breaks on seeing him. Guddan also starts crying. Guddan says that we should survive the life of Chhoti. We should tell him how much we love him. Ajay says It is now time for me to leave, Guddan says I love you to Ajay and says that I love you very much, Ajay calls him I love you for the third time and Guddan says that I will give you my next life. I will answer this I love you.