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Pushpa Says Once My Plan Completes Guddan Will Go Crazy. Bari Guddan Comes. Pushpa Says You Here? Choti Laughs And Says You Got So Scared? I Am Choti. I Was Trying To Be Like Her. I Will Find Her Though. Need To Handle Such Big Criminals So Have To Act Like Her. I Made Her Favorite Dish, Take It To Her. Pushpa Says I Am Not A Postman. Choti Says You Will Have To Do. However, You Said I Am Crazy. Insane People Can Do Anything, Even Kill And They Don’t Even Get Punished. You Know Right? Choti Slaps Niya And Says Do What I Ask. Agastya Comes. Niya Says Your Wife Is Hitting Me. Choti Says Agastya She Was Calling Me Crazy? Agastya Says Do You Have Any Shame? How Might You Be Insensitive. Niya Says I Didn’t. Agastya Says Enough. You Have To Get Out Of Here. For Guddan To Be Safe, You Have To Leave This House. Get Out. At this moment. Niya Cries. Guddan Looks At Agastya. He Says No One Will Trouble You Guddan. He Hugs Her. Choti Says In Heart I Have To Expose Them So I Have To Do This Drama.

Choti Gives Guddan’s Favorite Dish To Pushpa And Says Give It To Mama. Pushpa Says Don’t Worry. Choti Says You Go As Well Niya. Niya Says How Can You Do This Mummy Ji? Pushpa Says Next Game Will Be Ours. They Leave. Choti Says Now See What I Do. I Will Fix A Lot Of People. Sona Comes. Choti Wipes Her Tears. Sona Says Don’t Wipe Your Tears. I Know What You Are Saying Is Right. Your Mama Is Alive. Choti Says Do You Know Where Is She? If you don’t mind Tell Me. I Request You Please Take Me To Her. Sona Says I Always Helped Jiji In Her Wrongdoings. We Don’t Know Where She Is But We Are With You. Choti Says I Have To Find Mama. Sona Says God Will Be With Your Mama. You Will Find Her Soon.

Scene 2

Guddan Eats Her Food. She Says Choti Cooks Just Like You. She Makes Me Eat All The Time. Choti Sees Her Video. Niya And Pushpa Come. Pushpa Says This Is The Trailer Of Her New Movie. Choti Says It Will Be Hit. My Mama Is The Heroin In It And You Will Take Food For Her Every Day. Presently Only What This Crazy Girl Will Want Will Happen In This House. She Says Niya Leave Before Agastya Kicks You Out. Quit Planning. You Will Only Fail.

Choti Is Watering Plants. Agastya Says What Are You Doing? You Need To Rest. She Says I Am Watering Plants. He Says Someone Else Will. Choti Says They Are My Friends. Agastya Says Only I Am Your Friend.

Choti Arranges The Closet. She Says Everything Is Messed In This Room. Agastya Picks Her And There’s No Limit To My Love. She Says You Messed Everything. He Says You Don’t Have To Fix Everything. Simply Rest. Choti Says How Do You Know I Don’t Rest? Agastya Says Baby Told Me. Choti Says As If You Talk To Him Every Day. He Says Yes. I Am Not Joking. He Puts A Hand On Her Belly And Says Your Mama Doesn’t Listen To Me. Agastya Says Baby Is Mad. I Listen To His Hearbeat. He Comes Close To Choti. Choti Says He Listens To Mama More Than Papa. Agastya Says I Know. Rest Here Now. I Will Be Back. Agastya Leaves. Niya Says I Will Take Advantage Of Agastya Not Being Home.

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Air Date: 09 December 2020

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