Scene starts with Agastya looking outside of the emergency clinic lodge to look at on the off chance that they can go of the room securely or not. Sooner or later he says to Guddan that the street is clear for them to go and he takes out Guddan in a wheelchair and wears a veil himself. Notwithstanding, after a point an arbitrary attendant comes and says she is our patient Guddan Birla and enquires about the medical caretaker. Agastya changes his voice and says I am the head medical attendant of her actually named by Pushpa Birla so on the off chance that you need you can take a look at yourself.

The medical attendant requests that they stop while she will get it checked from booking agent about her enlistment. While she is calling the gathering she is taking a gander at Guddan and Agastya continually, Agastya asks Guddan to flee from that point and he likewise runs with her holding her hand while the medical clinic staff are running behind them.They came to at the passage end and takes cover behind a column when Choti Guddan asks him currently in what manner will we run since they are simply behind us and will reach here whenever.

Agastya requests that her remind how they got away from together in their youth and he draws out some marble balls and spreads them on the floor and the individuals who are coming towards them drama on it and falls on the floor in the interim Guddan says to Agastya that she can not run any longer as she is getting worn out and keeps her hand on her stomach and Agastya snatches a cot and causes her to sit on it and disappears from that point.

Anyway the medical clinic staff and security are as yet running behind them in would like to get hold of them and Choti thinks she needs to accomplish something at the earliest opportunity. She gets hold of the saline container joined with the cot and sprinkles it on them and they couldn’t see appropriately lastly Agastya and Guddan are effective in fleeing from that point. Niya goes to the room of Agastya where Mani is resting in his place. Niya attempts to approach him and he is thinking why she is getting urgent and intentionally attempting to approach and seek after Agastya to return back home as quickly as time permits.

Niya is attempting to approach him and he tumbles from the bed in a manner to evade her and gets captured. Pushpa becomes more acquainted with that Agastya isn’t at home and Agastya returns with Guddan however Pushpa discovered him in the act. He attempts to clarify that she will feel better with her family and spouse and not without them so on the off chance that they continue attempting to send her back to the asslyum, at that point it will do nothing but bad to her wellbeing and to the youngster.

Guddan requests sorry before all and conceded that she is unwell and says she will attempt to control herself and whatever she managed without her insight is something she doesnt mean and she needs Pushpa to pardon her little girl in-law since she is more youthful to her and committed an error reluctantly. Pushpa and Niya get caught in their own game and they needed to acknowledge Guddan back in the house. Choti thinks she needs to accept circumstances for what they are starting at now to come in secure position first up to that point she needs to imagine that she is unwell and needs treatment.

Later Agstya and Guddan went through some adorable and sentimental minutes with one another in their room. Next morning Niya and Pushpa are talking about how their whole game got them toward the end and they will get caught in their own game. Saraswati and Sona come and request them to think from something as quickly as time permits or, in all likelihood Choti Guddan will be fruitful in anything she desires to do. She has taken care of her responsibility practically truth be told.

Pushpa believes that to stop Choti Guddan she needs to slaughter her mom then Choti will lose her psychological mental soundness without a doubt and she will be fruitful in her arrangement. Abruptly to their stun they saw that the senior Guddan is remaining before them and Pushpa thinks how she is free and wandering outside openly. Guddan comes before them and just grins while Pushpa thinks on the off chance that Agastya sees her, at that point the whole round of her will be annihilated.

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