Guddan takes out Agastya’s garments. Guddan says your storage room is so wrecked. My daddy was a stickler and mom was wrecked. He used to be frantic at her for this. He says now you will be frantic at me? Guddan says change this. He says I would prefer not to wear kurta pajama.

Guddan says a few ceremonies are left. She goes out and comes in. She says I failed to remember my telephone. Agastya is shirtless. Guddan says I need my telephone. She falls on him. Agastya says in heart you acknowledged this marriage yet you need to know the explanation for it.

Saru says to Guddan for what reason would you say you are so stressed? She says I felt like somebody is there. Saru says I am Saru mama. Go plan for your first custom. Try not to be a blockhead like our mother. Guddan feels like somebody was following her.

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Guddan says another person was there too next to Saru. Shona goes to her and says wash these garments. Guddan says what? She says yes and afterward cook. It is difficult to turn into a DIL of Birla family. She says to Pushpa I will prepare her.

Guddan says this is my home, I can do the cleaning. Right mummy ji? Pushpa slaps Shona and says you needed her to wed cash. Yet, truly she’s hitched to Agastya and now my DIL. After today you won’t carry on this path with my DIL. Pushpa says in heart what befell her? Pushpa says in heart now what I needed will occur. You will do what I needed Guddan. You got hitched to Agastya on purpose.