Scene begins with Pandit ji requesting to fill vermilion on husband brow and clarifying significance of this ritual.Rashi is found in store room and mumbling Choti Guddan name in oblivious state. Here Pushpa insults Sona I don’t have the foggiest idea what you have found in this duffer young lady and getting our marriage with our Mani.

Sona stop it Jiji, I will go close by girl in-law and perform custom and return. Durga lifts Guddan duppata from her head and Pandit ji ask groom fill the vermilion and tiles marital chain on Guddan neck and pandit ji declare marriage finished starting now and into the foreseeable future you both are a couple. Pandit ji says to take endowments of God to Groom and BrideGroom , Sona says sure pandit ji.

Nita descends and Niya’s mother causes her to sit in mandap and Pushpa says Arushi to bring Groom (Agastya) , Arushi brings Groom and Pushpa asks Pandit ji another pair. Likewise came start the customs. Pandit ji begin reciting mantras. Guddan implores God and I have full confidence on you and DJ and attempts to keep up this relationship for deep rooted simply like my mom, if it’s not too much trouble favor me Lord Krishna. Sona acclaims the pair and asks to endowments from older folks.

Guddan says one moment and takes endowments from her mom and father. Sona requests that Mani take photos with Guddan. Mani says what Mom I need to getup from between customs for sure! All gets stunned by observing Mani in Mandap. Guddan checks who is the Groom adjacent to her and gets staggered by considering Agastya to be a Groom rather than Mani. Rashi comes and embraces Guddan and says Mom I am glad to the point that Lord Krishna full filled my desire.

Guddan asks Agastya how might you do this with me ? Agastya approaches her attempt to listen him for once please let me clarify. Guddan don’t tunes in to him and charges Agastya and requests answers. Pushpa says stop it Guddan don’t fault by Son for what ever occurred ! It may be plan of you and your relatives to wed my child.

Aarav says don’t spell a word against my family I won’t bear it and you don’t have a clue what I will do on the off chance that you state against my family or Guddan. Pushpa how might you put fault on Guddan when she is at mandap just and staying three remaining the mandap .

Mani says somebody as beat my head while originating from mandap and I was in storeroom when get cognizant. Niya says somebody bolted my room entryway from outside and puts fault on Guddan . Jindals uphold Guddan yet Guddan is absent from that point and strolling desolate on street, Agastya comes there to placate her and requests that Guddan listen him once and attempt to clarify my side and give him one final possibility. Guddan says you are a con artist and I won’t give an opportunity, you will get just discipline.

Guddan says you are no a similar Agastya I realized you ruined everything, everything is changed nothing will stay same starting now and into the foreseeable future in my life. Agastya sees Guddan powerlessly and watch somebody going to hit Guddan via vehicle and pushes her from that point and gets hit without anyone else. Guddan frightened by observing Agastya lying in pool of blood and yells Agastya uproariously.