The scene begins with Gudan’s memories of Sarayu Maa and Pusa’s words and walks through the target without seeing anything and arrives at Agastya. Agastya says that you are crying this fake tears because of whatever you did! Choti Guddan asks what is your intention to rule? Do you think I did it of my own accord? Agastya says that you have done everything according to your system, first showered love on the amount, at that time what a gem?

On the off chance that it is not your system or at that point, which is called Guddan? Guddan says that you think you ever think of Agastya but we both know that somewhere inside the dislike you are thinking. Agastya asks about it, for which reason you will not be able to accept the Mani proposal and accept his affection for Guddan? Gudden says, because I don’t want to cherish Mani. Agastya says on the off chance that you do not cherish Mani, at that point tell me what you love? Agastya says that Mani is not innocent, he does not care about me and he really nurtures you for what reason you will not be able to accept him and I will not have to cry this present tear because I realize That you are not as guiltless as you oppose others before Guddan.

Guddan remembers all the words uttered by the Birla family and shouts at Agastya that I am ever saying that you are saying that it does not mean that I am off-base, you need to answer correctly , I give you and take Agastya with me, holding my hand. . Everyone is under stress for Mani and Aarav brings Mani home to fit and heal, Sona hugs Mani and cries what happened Mani, where did you leave this mother and go away? Mami says mother your mother is not stressed, I am fine, Aarav convinced me to take me back home.

Choti Guddan comes down playing the drum and Durga asks if you are okay! Guddan says that no Dj I am fine, no one believes me and reprimands me for everything I did not from Dj and cries. The mix-up bot I’ve done told me that I’m trying to cater to my people, is that wrong? Everyone is pointing fingers at me but no one is accepting where everything started and by whom? B

The situation I am in today is pointing fingers at me and saying that I am playing with his family and siblings, yet there should be nothing unacceptable that he did with me that took me to my cafe . Choti Guddan says that Agastya you are a shallow man who cannot understand simple things, because I cannot leave Mani because I do not have any compassion for him, in the same way it is my slip, on the basis that I am a young woman and they need to follow every single request, yet keep the perspective right and cry with hope


Choti Guddan says that I am grateful to Mani ji for what you have ever accomplished for my siblings, that you cannot go in the light of the fact that every relationship should have both faith and love. I believe you don’t save you yet, I’m really very sorry that I can’t leave you and go from that point. Pushpa says to Sona that you are happy at this point? Mani says that Durga ji trusts me that I love Guddan and needs to pass my time on earth with Guddan and he needs to fulfill all his fantasies. I know she doesn’t like me yet she trusts me? If it is not too much trouble then allow me to display my adorable and I guarantee you that I will never hurt Gudan. Durga says that I should first talk to Guddan before saying anything.

Guddan interacted with a picture of his people. Durga comes there and supports Guddan, Mani is wholeheartedly accepted and is ready to do anything for you and your fantasies. Consider this realization once I realize that you don’t nurture him yet Trust him? Trust me and express yes to this marriage, Mani is ideal for you, may be you may not accept it now, yet in future you believe in me and express yes for marriage. Durga announces Choti Guddan’s consent to Shaadi Mani.