After that you see Pushpa reach the washroom and she asks that Aarushi come out. After that Aarushi says that my bathroom was damaged, that’s why I came here. Then we see that Sona and Shahrukh is quarreling in the washroom.

And there comes Pushpa as well, after this Pushpa tells him that it cannot be an assumption. Then we see Gudden playing this drum when he is out in August night. After that Pushpa sees a shadow there and then we see that Sona comes to her room and she also sees the shadow.

Then we see Sona scream out loud after that Sona says that everything is Pushpa’s plan and she also says don’t kill me. After that Pushpa says come with me. And he says we will kill Guddan right now. Sona is scared again.

After that Guddan says that my Guddan is not alone. And I will definitely teach your Pushpa a lesson. After that Sona says that this is my rope. And I cannot do that at all. I come to Guddan’s room after that Pushpa tells her that you must keep an eye on the gate. Then we see that the new one says this Are you able to handle it?

After that Pushpa warns them and says that what happened last time should not happen this time. And then we see the farmers holding her feet, then the phone bell is ringing and all the feet are sitting there. After that we see that if someone starts hitting from the beginning, Gudan calls her a daughter-in-law and upon seeing this she starts choking.

And then we see that she calls him Sasuma. Before watching the film, Pushpa says that I will kill Guddan today. And there on the other side Bari comes as Guddan Durga. Then we see that Saru says that Sasu Maa Guddan says that why have you played a mother with love. And today I will punish your father after killing you.