Today’s episode begins with Guddan who says that your daughter is back. And she will protect maternal uncle. I know you have many questions and I will answer them. When I fell from the place, I had escaped from there but I had lost my memory. At that time I did not know my name or identity but now God united us again.

Come on, give me a hug. And I forgot to tell you this too. People misuse your deity. That is why I have come now, you will not have to bear any loss of any kind, I will teach them everything.

Mama says Guddan is here Guddan says why are you crying I know your in-laws are not good but Agastya is just like your father, everything will be alright in your life, soon he will tear your tears Tears of blood will flow. And Chhoti Guddan says that I promise you. The fourth tries to move his hand, Guddan says that I love you my younger.